December was such a mess. on/off with jpr way more frequen

December was such a mess.
on/off with jpr way more frequently than I'd ever known possible in my personal life
things I'd seen others do in middle school
and mjf said it's 100% over
and I remember then that in February when I told mjf I'm really solidly moving on from him
then he talks about ways he's come to understand me better
that it puts him in a bad spot to think of me being with someone else
and all that/ /
it's so selfish. he's so selfish.
jpr was so selfish
jpr proposes being 'in control' and that I don't get to say no to anything he says
he sets up a date with someone else
then cancels it
jpr is so selfish
so December
my heart is just run over multiple times
by really selfish men
apa and uma act super entitled
when they've only earned distrust and disrespect
by any objective party about how they were behaving to disown me for my religious beliefs
including their own pastor who called them out for nonsense behavior and rationales
December was a really crappy month
and I put up with a lot of junk

Hopefully this year is a whole lot better and a year of renewal.

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@CKBlossom thank you ditto