Deep Sigh of Relief! My limb is finally showing great signs

Deep Sigh of Relief! My limb is finally showing great signs of healing. I had what dress called a "Flap Failure". I've been on a wound vac for 10 days. It's really helping. I go back to the wound specialist on Wed. He wanted me to have hyperbaric chamber treatments but I may not need it. If I had two feet I'd be doing the happy dance!

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I am so happy to hear that you are having some healing!!! Please keep us updated with how things are going. I admire your outlook, you are an incredible human being!

Thank you Aura! My whole outlook on life has changed. My family is in awe of the way I am handling this. The call me Bad ***. LOL. I have always been on the conservative side when it comes to clothing and jewelry , just the way I dress but am changing things up. When I get the "skin" for my prosthetic I plan to have it airbrushed to look like a tattoo sleeve. I have never had a tattoo and don't want one on my body but I want nmy whole leg done. My sisters have been helping me design it. I'm excited about that. I figure people are going to stare so I will give them something to stare at. And if it opens doors to when questions are asked I will be able to share the story of my journey.

I went to see the wound specialist and he says the wound has improved 66%. He said I do not need the hyperbaric chamber (deep sigh of relief). He also said that if the wound continues to heal at this rate I should be able to be fitted with a prosthetic leg by the end of August. That's my wish, my hope, my dream, my prayer!

@BrownEyedGirl1960 It really surprises me the kind of positive outlook you posses, you’re really are one hell of a Bad ass. People need attitude like yours. You’re my HERO for today. Take Care! Good luck with your Healing and look Sexy!