defination of "HOPE"

I posted this song because

@ 1:02 - 1:17 holly music: like to think that the dark/ and light are rescuing yourself from a character standpoint. It’s how you feel about your life view. Make it count feeling

@ 1:48: added a really nice return.

I hope this gets someone motivation to see tomorrow and watch the sunset another day.

Song: (“Strlght & roonin: back 2 back”)

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Glad to see you are posting, hope this means you are doing well. -SG

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I was triggered this morning by (“”) which is a song for coping. I nearly started to to punch the refrigerator because i saw a rifle in the video. It put me on guard for awhile, and then i had to buy a rifle and start to prepare for war like. I wasn’t expecting that to happen. But now I’m okay, but I won’t go into details with telling you what I want to do. It’s graphic and not appropriate to post. Now i know Art work of a rifle can still trigger me still