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i know its hard to resist the urge to restrict but you have to fight it or it will creep right back in and take complete control and it is hard to get back on a meal plan after being off of it for a while but you just have to do it eat what you can but whatever you do dont not eat thats not the awnser it never is like i said eat what you can

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Did your doctor give you a calorie goal for every day? When I had my wisdom teeth out my doctor told me to make sure I got almost double calories for the first 3 days in order to help my body heal. You might be compromising your healing by restricting so please be careful!
I know how hard it is to up your calories especially when you get sucked back in to the ED mindset. You have to fight it though, you deserve to be healthy! When you do eat more please fight the thoughts of guilt that will come with it. I know you can do it.
Keep healing (both physically and emotionally) :-)