Depenent Personality Disorder

I may have this disorder which would explain all the attachment I get with people and how hard it is when they leave. I lost my very best friend last year, then regained her again this past March. I've been talking to her online for a bit but she keeps just signing off abruptly. She has been the one person I have gotten the most attached to besides my mother and my therapist. There's one friend that constantly tells me to not get too close to her because I'll just get hurt. In retrospect, yes that's a good idea, but it makes me feel like she doesn't want to be my friend. Yet she has great advice so I keep going back. If anyone wants to be my friend, message me. Although with this title, I'm certain no one wants to dabble in my games.

im willin to take a chance :)

Turns out I only have traits of it. But in all actuality, my therapist has told me I’m like her daughter so… she could not want to see that. Who knows. I still think it makes sense. It’s just crazy…

if it makes sense to u then that is probably the right answer, rely on gut feelings they arent so far out as some would like to think. keep writing and chatting to us here sending u positive vibes and loving thoughts.

Thanks, I can't keep my mouth quiet for the life of me, so you'll hear more from me don't worry ;)

hehe thats good to no i have girls who are motormouths as welll

I know what you mean...I get like that in relationships. I have been extremely attached to 4 people, all my best friends at different parts of my life and 3 of them I dated. If you need to talk, I'm here for you.

I too have dependent personality disorder. I was once diagnosed with borderline personality disorder but was downgraded to dependent personality disorder.

I too get (I guess you could call it this clingy) dependent to one person. I got divorced in September. I tell my ex not to call me or to email me and he doesn't but yet after a few days or a week or so I'm right back in to calling him because I need his help. I need his opinion on this or that. It's like I can't live without him but I know I can. (I know if he were to read this he'd go nuts and have a hay day over the fact that I said that.) It seems that whomever I'm the closest to is whom I'm the most dependent on. It's like I can't make a decision on my own, like I can't function without someone else's opinion. It's not healthy but I can't seem to function any other way.

Is this how it is with you?