Depressed and stuck... Stay at home mom to infant by force i

Depressed and stuck... Stay at home mom to infant by force in order to save money (can't afford daycare) but I am constantly bumping heads with my boyfriends parents who we live with. I am trying to take care of my child but they are constantly over top of me and when I ask for space in raising her they don't listen. I am stuck in this room all day everyday without transportation and I don't have the means to do anything with my daughter. My boyfriend doesn't understand get it because he is at work.

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This is a very bad situation. It's bad for you and bad for the development of your child. But i still don't see any other means then money to get out of this situation.

You have to get transportation. That is nr.1 priority.

Either a baby carrying bag, but preferably a baby buggy. So that you can go for a stroll with your child. (anything better then staying the entire day inside of that house)

With some more money you could get a bicycle , with a strong baby/child holder on the back, so that you can move around with your baby to more distant location (be very carefull while cycling though).

And you can let things come towards you. You can order books for you or yourself or get toys online for your child and let them be delivered. For entertainment and development for your child.

Third, start searching online for a cheap apartment that is positioned in a better location (nearby shops/jobs/facilities like police/hospital/fire department/schools/daycare) to increase your life standard. And maybe eventually get a job yourself.

Time to crawl out of hell.

Ohh! I completely understand that girl! Mine don't listen either! Get out and walk for starters. Depending what state you're in you can get state paid daycare. Hopefully you have internet. Cause that helps a lot too! But really you've got to do what is good for you and baby cause of you don't it will get worse. I went through the same thing. I started school made my hubby go to school also.. Stand your ground but do what's good for your health and baby.