Depressed I have no idea where to even start or what to do

Depressed I have no idea where to even start or what to do. In 2018 I lost both my parents. This March the day after my birthday I lost my husband. I barely started functioning from losing mom and dad and I lost my soul mate. I don't even know what to do any more.

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So sorry for your losses. I hope you are connecting to a grief support group. The right one can do wonders.

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@bebobaBetty I’m not. I dont know if we even have something like that here.

I can't imagine your pain. I pray that you get through this process being stronger than ever. Reach out & get all the necessary support, hang in there.

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I am so very sorry.Do reach out to friends for some moral support. I will be praying for you. God Bless.

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I am really sorry, my condolences. It is very hard indeed when a family member dies. I am attaching an article that I am sure you will find comforting and beneficial. I am here if you ever need to be listened to.

I lost my soulmafe of 19years too. He was only 38. It happened on april 18 2020. I haven't been the same since. I'm barely hanging on. I don't work currently so I feel bad about being a burden to my parents and brother and sister. But im still trying. You can make it through. It'll be the most difficult thing in your life. You won't laugh, and when you do you'll feel guilty. You won't enjoy what you used to and when you do you'll cry. I don't have friends so I don't talk to anyone outside my house. But try to have someone you can talk to, it helps, and I really wish I did. Sending you lots of love. I'm here if anyone needs to talk.

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