Depressed yet encouraged

so, yesterday, i came home after a long day and it was around midnight one-ish in the morning. well when i got home, i couldnt find my cat so i passed it off as him hiding and sleeping. well, i woke up today and istill didnt see him anywhere so i fed him and gave him water like ialways do, and it is now well into the next morning and i still havnt seen or heard him. his food and water dish are still the way ileft it this morning. so my boyfriend and i came to the relization that he may have escaped threw our back door when the dog let himself outside to do his b usiness.there are lots of stray cats in my area and my neighbor lets them live under his porch and feeds them and protects them from the elemnts so im hoping he is with them. they only walk around in my yard arounf 5 in the morning so i dont think im going to sleep at all, much less eat. i feel so sick if i try to eat when im depressed. i miss my cat, honestly hes still a kitten. 9months old..i got him for valentines day as a present and i treat him like hes my kid. topping it off, my boyfriend is willing a fight to happen between his sisters boyfriend and himself. im glad hes standing up for his sister and womans rights and stuff, but its only going to make me even more depressed, but it makes me want to learn to fight so i can protect myself against someone like his sisters boyfriend. so many things i just wanna crawl up on a cubbie and drag in a huge blanket and a jug of water and a straw...and sleep all day...

i am so sorry that u cant find the cat, i know how distressful this can be and i too want to curl up and hide when our flea bitten moggy is out on the prowl.

then its out with the posters and prowling the streets like a demented loon.

as for the boyfriend standing up for womans rights that is commendable but nothing for u to have to worry about he is a big boy and boys will do what boys think they have too, even if its wrong or not needed they will flex and enter battle at the drop of a hat.

i hope u find the cat soon and that the man in your life is doing his best, as for wanting to be able to fight join a marshal art class u will find it rewarding and it will give u something to work towards.

i do jujitsu and karate and find them very good but the local police will have self defence classes to reccomend to u as a starter

hope this helps

loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

thank you domestic. ive been looking for my cat and have informed my neighbors..its his first time getting out of the house so he probably didnt go very far. and i am confident that my boyfriend would be perfectly fine and i agree that they would go into battle the drop of a hat. because he picks fights sometimes. and im really contemplating taking classes. im just very self consious and really shy so its hard for me to get out on my own to a place where i know absolutely no one.. but i will try and thank you again


prehaps u could go to an all girls class or just get to meet the instructor first before u join the classes, i no it all seems a lot more imformal these days and very relaxed, then it was when i was much younger, most of these places seem to have coffee bars attached to them so u can go with the boyfriend mayb and just watch to begin with.

you are prob right about the cat not gettin far but it is always a worry when u dont know where they are

hope u have a better day hon

loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

thats true. thanks for the keepn up my search

so how goes the search for puss?

i hope u are feeling better today about life in general

loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)

i havnt found bf said hes jus gonna go get me another kitty.


im sorry that he hasnt been found but im sure he is ok and so u are getin a new kitty :D

hope u feel better today

loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)