I have hit the highest weight that I have ever been.You would think that it would be a motivation to get off my butt and do something about it. It was done the opposite and made me depressed and I feel the need to eat to handle the strain. I am unsure how to get out of the "darkness." I am too embarassed to tell friends (the ones I have) so I do not have a support group really (the reason I am here). I need those words to get me reasoning that things will be okay and it is possible to be healthier and thinner and it is okay to put the work into it.

I know I have to help myself to move forward but I am looking for gentle (and sometimes blunt) words to get me to stop feeling sorry for myself.

So that is were I am at this morning..... thanks for listening.

Hello Bluemirage, Funny I got up this am to go to work and had a hard time finding something that fit. I have gained about 20lb in the last year and HATE it. I need to get motivated as well. It's hard enough to get through the day but, when you start your day feeling fat that just adds to it. We have to start somewhere...maybe we can encourage each other to get off our butts.

Puddie, Thanks for writing me today. In a way I did not expect, your words helped me. I felt comfort in having a "friend" that isnt judging me and is going through the same thing I am. I look at my closet of nicce clothes and I know I can not wear any of them. I dont even try them on.

We can do this together.... we just need support outside our circle that does not say the normal things they do ever time.... SO, tomorrow morning, in honor of you, Puddie, I am going for a walk. I will get off my butt and do something active and start my day off with a positive outlook. I thank you for writing me.... :)

Good Morning Bluemirage!!! It's about 8am here and the sun it shinning. It's gonna be a beautiful day. You made me smile this morning and warmed my heart. Put those sneakers on and walk alittle bit.. you know what I'm gonna do the same. Thanks. Let me know how you are doing. I'm here for ya!


I walked this morning and thought of you to get me out the door. I made a promise and I kept to it. One day I know we will be able to do this for ourselves without the extra needed push from each other. I am happy that you were able to get out there this morning too. I was out the door by 740 and already the humidity was building. Uggghhh, Midwest summers hold on forever it seems some years.

Keep smiling, puddie, I am here for you!!! :)

Hi bluemirage & puddie! you two have really encouraged me this afternoon to put on my shoes & take a walk before I go to a meeting tonight. Can I join you? I too need encouragement to get off my hind end & move more. I even have a membership to the YMCA that I never use because I'm embarrassed by the way I look.

I was losing weight then for some reason the past week I've gained about 5 pounds. I'm not sure what that's all about. Hoping it's fluid.

Well I'm going to get out there & walk the neighborhood. thanks for your encouragement :)

Hello DeeJaye45, You are always welcome. We can all get encouragement from each other. Stay in touch and as bluemirage says “Keep moving”.


Heck ya you can join us!!! I am so happy that we had a positive effect on you today! I used to have a membership to the YMCA, and I agree, there are too many fit people for me to working out against. I feel embarassed and just compare myself to the girl running miles on the treadmill next to me. Not realistic at all.

I am sure your weight gain is due to taking on fuild. It sucks being a girl so much!!

I look forward to seeing more of you on the support group. I hope you enjoy your walk.... talk to you soon!!

my walk earlier was so nice but it was hot, hot, hot outside! I didn't realize it was that warm out but it was good just to be moving & doing something. I want to go out in the early morning tomorrow, like aroung 6:45- 7:00 AM. I hope I can wake up & get myself moving :) No, I know I can do it!! I will see you around later tomorrow!!

Good morning DeeJaye45,

It was really hot here yesterday too. I live in Missouri and the humidity was raging. I am looking forward to the fall weather (my fav season). I have two teenagers that I have to make sure get up on time for school everyday. They are out the door by 7am and so will I. It is 70 degrees right not with 83% percent humidity.... but it feels nice right now. Hope it holds for another hour.

I am super glad you were able to go for that walk yesterday! I know it feels so great to just get out and do something "right." Congrats for getting off your butt yesterday!!! :) Keep up the great work!! And keep me posted.


Hey Lady!! I hope your Sunday was fantastic! And better yet, I hope your walk was awesome. I got up this morning without hesitation or dreed, got dressed and have my shoes waiting to be laced. I save that for last, I hate wearing shoes, I am more a flip flop girl at heart.

I am thinking of you this morning and sending good vibes to you..... Congrats to you, too, for getting off your butt and making a move to get active. We did it!!! We made a step in the right direction and that is sometimes so very hard. Tell me how you are doing. Have a great Monday!


I am not sure taken my go was the best idea, lol. I took my dog, Skittles, ( a red mini weiner) and walked with my daughter to her bus stop. Skittles and I continued on. I dont walk a lot with him because he is smaller (big for a mini) but he kicked my butt!!! He went fast and never slowed during the 30 mins we were out. So maybe this is our key.... we can all take turns with Skittles walking and get the workout of our dreams, lol!!

O btw, good news! I should have my car back out of the shop by the end of the week. On Friday the 13th some stoned and drunk kids did a hit and run on my car and two others in our neighborhood. $13,000 in damages to a 2009 vehicle and they didnt have insurance (yeah me!). So I am sure having my car back and that freedom, will help my depression too.

Thank you Ladies and being a shining part to my day. Best of luck to you today!

Puddie and DeeJaye45,

How are we doing ladies? I missed hearing from you yesterday. I hope you continue rocking the tennis shoes! Today I am walking my other weiner dog.... they are worse than a fitness trainer, lol.

Keep moving.... :)

Good morning ladies, Sorry I haven’t been around. Crazy weekend. Had to work Satuday and Sunday was spent in the sun on the beach. Went swimming and alittle walking. Bluemirage, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! You go girl. How are you feeling? Keep me posted. lol keep moving…


I am jealious at your day at the beach! I am land locked in the middle of the States.... we have lakes and ponds but nothing over the top. I hope the day was filled with R&R!

The walking has helped clear my mind and things seem a little less stressfull. I am not looking at the scalle. Just knowing that I am not sitting on my butt if good enough for me. I thank you for your support. It is good to know that within miles I have a great supporter! Thank you for asking how I am doing. How about you?

I have not walked in a couple days :( I have been sick. a bad cold, making my asthma & fibromyalgia flare up too, not a good combo. trying to get a good balance of rest & movement, with plenty of fluids, hoping to get to the DR tomorrow to get something for the cough. I want to get out & walk. i miss it. it is so good for the mind, especially a cluttered one. I try to journal but it's much easier to do after a walk. There is a really nice park about 2 miles from here that I absolutely LOVE to go to. There is a HUGE pond in the middle of it. People take their dogs there, all kinds & sizes. I tell my husband we need a dog just to get me to walk more but with our 3 cats we already have more animals than people in oue household. LOL


Goodness lady, sounds like you have been down in out. I am glad you are going to the dctr today. I hope the can offer your something to take care of your cold. It is too early in the season to be fighting a horrible cold like you have. I hope you get better soon!

Dont frit over the walking, it will always be there for you. Get better first and then you can think about your walking schedule. Your park sounds wonderful! We have parks in town but the seem to built within hills and my legs having a hard time staying motivated when they see a large hill in front of me (lol). I stay in the urbab walking areas close to my house. Took my kid walking last night, she did most of the talking.

Take care of yourself. It was great hearing from you this morning. Get better soon!!!

bluemirage, DJ & Puddie!

Happy Day! i just joined recently. And i am glad to have seen your posts. I have put on weight as well. I understand that i am going through some emotional state and a state of healing. and one of the aspect is my weight.

I also hit the highest i have ever hit. and my jogs or walks are very irregular. i brought in 2 puppies a few months back to get my butt of and go for walks every morning but after a few months, i lapsed.

Now i gotta get my bum moving again. Great to have read how you ladies have supported each other. Would you mind me joining?


Hello iaminspired2010, Of course you can join in. Grab the leash and make sure you attach the and get walking. Even if its just a little bit. Keep us posted.

Morning ladies, Hey DJ get yourself better. There's nothing worse than feeling crappie. Hang in there. got the child to walk with you? Awesome. and to talk? that's great. If you don't mind me asking..boy or girl and how old?
I have been trying to walk but working some long hours and I do a lot of walking at work. By the time I get home i'm pooped out. But I have been making some healther meals. Keep up the great work! Are you feeling better since you started?


I have a daughter who is 13, her name is Autumn. She is my little adult with tons of advice and middle school gossip. She is the greatest thing ever! I hate to say this but she is darn near perfect as well as kids go! I also have a step son that moved in with us about 6 months ago. He is 16 and it has been a challenge for everyone since. I am trying to be a good parent and build his self esteem but it has been so hard. The kids are night and day. The boy didnt have a great family life as he was brought up with his mom and her "life partner". This has been a big stress in our lives as well all adjust. So days I feel like I can make an impact on him but most days I feel I will never get through.

I have felt better since I have joined the group. I read posts and reponse and realize so many things. I feel that I have had so much help that I HAVE TO give back. It is really a beautiful thing here.... I have had stress this week but I have been able to somewhat manage it. I havent binged at all this week!!! Woot-woot!! I have found other ways to deal. My medication has helped a lot. But I think most of all it has been support of people (like you) in tis group. Thank you everyone!!

No worries on walking. Sounds like you job is really active on its own. I need to get better with my meal plans. We are getting ready for a trade show in November and spending all extra money for that. I have not been able to shop the way I want to but.... i am still doing well. Keep up the great work!! I am proud of you. How are things for you?