Hi I'm new here. I've been reading a lot of posts and they have helped me cope with my suicidal thoughts. I at times wish I could just sleep forever but I have two small kids that need me. I was diagnosed with bi polar disorder about 4 years ago. It was only after one session with a psychiatrist that prompted him to label me with this disorder. Idk if it's true but I have definitely always been moody and "kinda crazy". Well I just wanted to share, thanks for reading.

You should always have a second or third opinion. We all sometimes are moody. For your peace of mind, see another medical professional. With small children it is very hard and you can get very tired, therefore it is good to have time for yourself. Wishing you the best. God bless you.

Your kids need you no matter what. You need to be here. Life can change on a dime so as bad as things get it can always get better. Remember, everything is in our head.

Awwww ladies thank you sooo much for your really means a lot.

My wife is in the same situation and was diagnosed about a month ago. We have 2 little girls and my wife went to get a another opinion re bp disorder. She has slight tendances towards bp coupled with both anxiety and depression. She was hospitalized last month for a week! This was very difficult for all concerned. When she talks to me about her dark feelings I am there for her. She says she does not even begin to tell me the lthe lions share of the thoughts she has concering negative chaotic thoughts. I am patient and feel helpless when I can't take these thoughts away from her. If I could I would but she says she wouldn;t wish the feelings she has on anyone let alone me. I am sad and wish I could do more. I mean my heart aches. How can I be more creative in my approach to her illness?

I was diagnosed about 12 yrs ago with BP. However it wasn't until my life became totally stressfree two years ago when I started travelling Australia full time that I actually believed the diagnosis.
For no reason I can wake up and be so sad and down that I don't want to get out of bed, and other days quite the opposite.
So since there are no in my face stress's to regulate my moods, I now believe it is an actual disease.
I have found if I stay away from processed foods and try to stick with a healthy diet, it helps my moods.
So all I can say to anyone with these feelings, is they are real. They are not just IN YOUR HEAD, it affects your entire body.
But what you put in your body will deffinitly help your moods.

Good luck and I hope you get some help

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