my depression is in rare form again due to a lot of financial stress and personal issues. last night I was having suicidal thoughts, just wanting to die. I quickly snapped out of it after having a conversation with my good friend. I have a beautiful son I have to raise up the right way. I'm doing my best. He tells me all the time that he " wuvs" me and I'm the best mom Ever! that warms my heart. I'm doing something right! recently started Lexapro. hope it helps. don't want to be back in the same type of hole I was in a year ago.

I have known a few friends on lexapro, it took awhile to kick in for them but most of them said it did wonders. I understand how you feel with the financial aspect and wanting to die also (a suicide attempt a few years back). I think the MOST important thing to do is take a step back (which believe me, I know, its hard) and think of all the good even GREAT things you have in your life like your beautiful son. Im sure you are a wonderful mother and a wonderful daughter, sister and friend. There are many people out there with no one, be grateful you had a friend to call because so many people are not that lucky! I know depression is a hard thing to kick, but you are stronger than it is. With me, I think the most important thing is to try and not sit and think think think all the time, I get in my head way too much. Its easier if i try to stay busy, just doing about anything other than thinking. Hope i helped, best wishes to you!

yes u have helped, thank u. I overthink a lot and make myself have anxiety attacks.

Hi, oneproudmama! One moment at a time. You're right, too much thinking. When I get caught there, I try and look stuff up to keep the stinkin' thinkin' posative. I then have changed my thoughy's. The hard part is action. Keep on keep'n on!!!!!!Your present's is the only thing your son REALLY need's. See ya!:):):)