Depression is a great sickness

It seems most people are generally happy but I am not. I have happy times contintment but I am sad alot. Depression for me with bipolar is so bad with anxiety I feel like I'm dieing. Rite now I'm going through a bad time of life with no real answers. I just want this sickness to go away. I take antidepressant and I try but when your going through it well it feels like death. How can i just come out of this. I may be getting a divorce that makes things worse and I don't get alot of money I could go on and on but if I could feel better none of that would matter and I could live happy and well.

Starlight, I think that as a bipolar we learn to deal with the up and downs. At least that's what I do. My medicine keeps me pretty stable so I don't have the huge mood swings unless I have some major issues going on. My best advise would be see a dr and maybe a therapist and try to figure out what is causing the depression. I just want you to know I understand and just live for the days that are good.

Thank you. I finally left my abusive husband. I am so much happier now. I have my bipolar more undercontrol with medication, and I feel so much better. Life is a gift. Thanks fooor your comment.

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