Depression Medication

So yesterday I started a medication called Wellbutrin to treat my depression. I was curious if anyone else takes the same medication or something similar to it? I've never been on any medication before, so this is brand new to me.

My sister took Cymbalta for a while so I am somewhat familar with anti-depressants. Are you looking for more info on how long it takes or side effects or just what to expect?

I know that it takes at least two weeks to take effect, and some side effects.

I mostly want to know what to expect.

I took welbutrin for some time and had good results. I am no longer on it but i also know of several people that take it with great results. You may find it helpful to do some mood charting, I do mine on line at and find the information invaluable when visiting with my prescriber. I print out one or two months and take it with me, it is honestly more reliable then my memory about how I have been doing. Keep up the good work toward recovery.

I've been on it for about 2 years. It helps a bit, but I find if I take the max dose I become manic...tons of energy, can't sit still. So just stay at the lower end of how much you take. It also causes weight loss and takes 2-3 weeks to kick in.

I take this medicine...right now I am supposed to be taking 2 200mgs 2 times a day...which is 800mg...but I am horrible at taking meds like I should so I only take a total of 400mg once a day...I am on Zolof also, but have weaning off Zolof for proably 3 months. I am not seeing a big change, but I can say that if I take a total of 800mg a day I get sick, very nauseated...very dizzy, and feel completely out of my mind, like my head is swimming around without me, and a very strange feeling!! So I took it upon myself to onlky take 200mg and I have a depression problem anxiety sleep issues, and just not feeling it works good for me, I have took Cymbalta, Lexapro, umm Zolof, and nothing seems to really hit the spot and help like I want. Medicines effect every one person different, so its hard to say how you will feel. I hope it works for you! And that you have no issues with it!! And also if your underweight I do not recommend you take it, because with alot of people I am seeing that it makes you less hungry and weight loss...with me I am underweight, not by choice, but another issue of mine among many others, but anyways, my doctor failed to warn me of this issue, I could go a couple of days before eating and it not bother me, but I also deal with the depression which also affects appetite...I hate to go on and on with my issues but just to give you a idea of what does to me, which ya know is 1 in millions who take this med. Once again I hope it helps you in everyway! Good luck and best wishes!

Wow…you sound like my twin:) I’ve tried all the same meds as you and have also had issues with taking more than a low level of thr wellbutrin. I thought I was having a stroke or something the other day b/c I took wellbutrin and I felt like I was outta my body, dizzy, etc. Thank God I connected it to the medication. I also have anorexia so am on the thin side…and yeah, the wellbutrin does take away your appetite causing even more weight loss! I can say I’m on a new antidepressant called Zyprexa. I take it in the evening and it not only helps with the depression but also knocks me out so I can sleep better. Just my thoughts. Thank you so much for that post b/c at least I know I am not alone and not going crazy:) Take care

Thank you....will look into that med.

hi , i have been taking wellbutrin for 5+ years and its been alright but overall i have to say that a silent side effect is its tendency to allow you to be too 'happy', and it can sometimes make you ok with things you really shouldnt be ok kind of made me overly optimistic which later backfired on me in various ways ... so knowing that may be a tendency, it helps to keep in mind so you can really weight things out when you make a decisions, and perhaps delay any serious decision making until after the euphoric effects die down during the day.

I'm not a big believer in medications. Especially when it comes to depression, stress and anxiety! Because, simply, the negative effects of these meds are always there. So I advice you to relax and try the natural techniques to deal with your depression and anxieties.

I have been on Wellbutrin since October now, and you have all given me wonderful advice on what to expect. I have a few symptoms, I have lost weight (I now weight around 98 pounds) and am trying to get it back up. Something I found interesting though, is plentiO's description of being okay with things you normally aren't okay with. Since I am on a low does (150), I don't have that to the extent you are talking about, but I have noticed that things that usually make me cry do not anymore. This, for me, is a good thing as I am exhaustively hypersensitive. The 150 dose is not enough (I am on the extended release now, I started with a 150 does twice a day), so I will be trying to up the dosage to 300.

I have not been on this site for a while due to family issues, my mother has recently been diagnosed with Lupus and is going through more tests to see if she had a false positive. I have many of the symptoms she has, so I am crossing my fingers that the next test comes out negative so I won't have to get tested for it. If I am, then my depression may be a result of Lupus, which is a whole different ball field.

I have taken it and do on occasion, for me it works quick, i hate the long term effect though of electric head, restlessness, and friends say it makes me mean.. easily aggitated.. so I havent taken in months but am so **** depressed lately. gloom and doom all over..

I had a bad reaction to this medication taking this while I was pregnant when my doctor said it was ok to take this. Now in the process of possibly joining a lawsuit.

I took it while pregnant , things turned out alright , but i was ancy about doing so fearing negative side effects. Im sorry it had a negative effect and I hope they will compensate you appropriately Sandy.

Just started it 3 weeks ago after a painful breakup, lost home, and Job.... Therapist said I was not depressed, just grieving and sad. My medical doc put me on it and I see a difference. However, i still have my bad moments and I still cry at the drop of a hat. May increase dosage over the 150 per day.
Dealing with childhood sexual abuse. It has never been an issue till now. It has been tough.

Well, I am new to Wellbutrin. I started taking it about 4 days ago to help with not smoking. It is working wonders and kicking other cravings out the door, too. I think I have been depressed because I feel better over all, do not wake up with headaches, look at pastry and sweets and don't desire any, my perpetually red eyes are clearing up. I have not reached my stop smoking target date yet, but I am down to 1, smoking 1/2 about twice ad day.

I think Wellbutrin will work for me--I like it; but I also cooperate with it. For instance, in stopping smoking I have removed triggers, and don't buy or carry cigarrettes; No smoking in my car.

Wellbeutrin works for me, my brother, mother, and sister! We all take it...

I was on well butrin for about 15 years. Last year it started showing signs of not helping much. My phyciatrist recently gave me what he said was the maximum dose of 450mg. He said anything above that may cause seizeres. Anyhow, that still was not helping so I am on a different one now. Well butrin is very well known though for not having sexual side effects. Many others do and vary by drug and by person. Right now I am on Peroxitine, it is generic, I think for paxal and it does have sexual side effects however I am seperated from my wife and that is not an issue at this point. Hope this helps