Depression, money running out, can't find a job

Depression, lonliess, move on delete communications because they are enjoy their life and I think I bother them, 1.5 month without a job - I applied more than 50 times - just staffing agency answered who pushed my ssn and id, and another state with high financial risk relocation I applied on entry level roles - nothing, it upsets more. I am limited to do heavy work like lifring more than 60lbs or climbing on ladders, although I am alredy ready to go to construction, I would love to speak with someone but don’t know how, I would like to get assessment or opinion - anything, because I think I am in cycle… There are a lot of other “roachs in my head”; people turn away from me because they are sure that I don’t know what I want…Help

Have you contacted your city’s Health and Human services to see what sort of job help they can provide?