Desperately need a vacation but afraid to leave businesses

It has been 11 years since my last proper vacation. I have the opportunity to go on a week long vacation in one week, though I have a bit of anxiety and stress over the thought of leaving my businesses unattended for too long. I understand that this is something that I need to get over, but in this economy time is truly of the essence. I don't have anyone who can manage my portion of the business and I don't even want to bother going on vacation if I have to work.

So, do I put myself first and take care of my desperate need for this break, as burn out has beyond set it. Or do I stick with my businesses and make sure everything runs smoothly. I would love any feedback on this. Thank you so much!

Hey Puppy,
I'm not quite sure what type of business you run but surely at this time of year clients expect some holidays to be taken. You have been stressed for quite a while I think you should take the break.

There is someone there to cover if the worst happens right?

And for the rest, if you are dealing with personal clients send out an email immediately making them aware of when you will be gone and set up your voicemail for the same, the usual checks.

And go on holidays. Think about it...could it be one week holidays...or 2 weeks hospital in a few weeks time, because of all the stress you are under. Put yourself first hun. Nothing and I mean nothing is more important than health.

Did I help with your decision any?

Love to you
Moongal x

Moongal, you are truly the best! You totally and completely helped in my decision simply by stating; could it be one week holidays...or 2 weeks hospital in a few weeks time. Thank you for that, as it was quite eye opening and put everything into perspective. Letting everyone know in advance is the way to go and this way I can go peacefully.

Thank you, thank you again so very much! Sending you so many positive and happy vibes.

Oh no worries, glad to be of service, so many times we hold back on these things because of guilt...but I truly believe you would be doing yourself more service actually just going and enjoying yourself for a few days.

And you are right to take time out and give your mind the break it needs, because it does need one in order to stay sharp. Who know while on hol you may just have a brainwave of how to increase profits 10 never know:)

But don't even think about that, just think about getting yourself prepared and then go buy yourself a sunhat:)

Thank you so much Moongal! You are truly a blessing. I am already picturing myself on the beach, warm ocean water, and lovely breeze. It's soooo sadly overdue, but better late than never :-)

I hear ya girl, I was the same way like 10 years ago...I remember we went on a 5 day trip only two states away and I was soooooo paranoid to be gone (what is sad, is the trip was FOR our business)...I would call back to the shop 3-4 times a day, etc....of course as luck would have it, everything that COULD go wrong, DID...someone wrote us a hot check for like $2000 and put me in the hole, I had to call the bank and have the lady who worked for us go up there and stuff so we didn't bounce all our checks....then, the central air unit went out at our house and my friend who our kids were staying with had to go over and get my dogs so they wouldn't have a heat stroke....then she had to go back in the morning and wait for the repairman....oh, I was a nervous wreck!

But it was all okay, and in the overall scheme of things, us being gone a few days didn't hurt a thing.

I actually got a little better, and we have been gone almost a week before! I was a bit anxious, but I survived. And it was nice. We haven't taken a vacation in three years. My hubby was wanting to take a trip on the motorcycle but as we have not gone in a few years, I am once again anxious about it.

You need to go, and so do we.


Thanks so much for sharing with me Joker_girl, and for your fantastic advice as always. I am totally on it now, vacation's booked and I am going [come hell or high water] in 2 weeks...I can't believe it. I am actually taking a vacation. I am hoping that this becomes a habit. And, you most definitely need to get to your next vacation for sure. I can only imagine how hard you work and how much you have going on in your day-to-day life. We need to re-charge the batteries after all...I can now officially give that advice since I've booked a vacation ;-)