Diagnosed this week

What were your symptoms before you were diagnosed?

My husband didn't have any symptoms before his diagnosis. The thing that sent him to the doctor were a couple of lumps he felt on his neck. Other than that, every thing had been fine!

I also noticed a lump above my left collar bone (left supraclavicular lymph node). Nothing was out of the ordinary before that either.

I had a lump on my neck that wouldn't go away and an annoying cough that wouldn't clear up. Went in for a checkup with my family doctor and he figured it was nothing. He was ok with not doing anything and waiting to see if it went away on it's own, but I insisted on seeing someone else. Sure glad I didn't listen to him.....


In mid-June, I felt a lump on the left side of my neck. I thought maybe it was a goiter but the doc didn't think so, had an ultrasound and there are 3 lumps, they say it might be lymphoma. Now I'm waiting to see an ENT to have a biopsy done. I feel like I'm in limbo waiting for my appt, 9 more days and counting!! So glad to have found this website, I've learned a lot from reading other people's experiences. I'm not alone anymore!

That is the same symptom I had...

Had a lump removed from my neck and found out it was hodgkins lynphoma but the very early stage and will only need radiotherapy, after the operation i have a sore shoulder and neck and the side of my face is numb its been nearly 2 months since the operation.

What was the size of your lump? A month ago, mine was about 3cm and the other two were 1cm. I have a consultation with the ENT on Thursday and then hopefully a biopsy soon after that. That is good news that it didn't spread. Have they told you anything about the numbness? Keep us posted!