Diagnosed with apnea in Feb and using a CPAP ever since. IDiagnosed with apnea in Feb and using a CPAP ever since

Diagnosed with apnea in Feb and using a CPAP ever since. I didn't have daytime sleepiness before and I feel no different now. Anyone else like this?

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My husband has sleep apnea and has a machine. He was told that you won't notice any improvement for several weeks and then what you will feel is: more energy, less sleepiness, and improved stamina. Your heart will feel better as it doesn't have to work as hard keeping oxygen flowing to your brain.

Thanks CL! I am still getting used to CPAP (it will be a while for me), so we will see...

I have been using one for several years, and just got a new one. I would not want to sleep without it. If I fall asleep or nap without using it, I feel terrible when I wake up. I used to dream I was drowning, or trying to scream but couldn't make a sound before I started using it. I didn't notice how much better I felt for a while, but I do notice the difference when I haven't used it. It really is a must for health and safety. Stopping breathing puts a serious strain on your heart, and driving while sleepy can cause accidents and death. I don't mean to scare you, but that is what they told me. I stop breathing 50 times per hour without it. I don't know how bad your breathing is, but please work on getting used to it.

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I know what you 2 mean. My mom told me not to bother with the machine and I got angry with her and explained the health risks associated with apnea. I woke up about 20 times per hour in the lab.

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@JDiv Mine was 38 times the first test, and a few years later it is 50. And that is with using the machine. Not during the test, but every night otherwise. You continue to do what is healthy for you. You are the only one who takes care of you. Good going.

If the machine isn't calibrated correctly, using it can be really difficult. I really like using the nasal pillows rather than the mask. Once I started using the CPAP, I stopped having the drenching night sweats. The daytime sleepiness did not go completely away, but I could drive without falling asleep at traffic lights. Now that I'm on better antidepressants, I don't have daytime sleepiness anymore.

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@Vossie44 I breathe through my mouth when I sleep and have never tried the pillows. Do they work for mouthbreathers or do you know?

I didn't think you could use a CPAP at all if you breathed through your mouth. When my mouth has opened while sleeping, the air rushes out my mouth instead of into my lungs. Huge leakage. I used a chin strap for awhile.

@Vossie44 A friend of mine uses the nasal pillows, and has the same problem sometimes when his mouth opens. My mask fits in a triangular area over my nose and mouth. I get frustrated because it always seems to leak near my eyes if I don’t wear it incredibly tight. I wear regular 99cent mouth guards at night to protect my teeth from grinding. I have had a lot of problems with grinding my teeth since wearing the apnea mask.