Diagnoses of bulimia with anorexic tendenecies

i went to the doctor and they diagnosed me with bulimia with anorexia tendencies i dont really no why they said anorexic tedentcy but aparntlywith this dianoses i can recive inpataint treatmnt so what i want to no is what more effective in patient or out patient treatment i am kindof rlactent for in patient

Hi...'bulimia with anorexia tendencies' is not a diagnosis. It's not a recognized diagnosis that a doctor or insurance company would accept. So...I'm not sure what your doctor means by this. Your official diagnosis may be bulimia, with a side note that you restrict at times, etc., but you may want to clarify this with your doctor.
Have you been assessed by an eating disorder specialist? Such a professional would be the only person who would truly know the best treatment for you.
Is your doctor recommending that you be admitted to the hospital for some specific eating disorder program? If you would only be on a general psych ward, this could be much more harmful than helpful. Depending on your medical status and severity of symptoms (bingeing and purging), it's been proven that a day treatment program is the most cost-effective and overall effective type of treatment for an eating disorder. But of course, everyone is different. Perhaps it would benefit you to ask your doctor for more specific information, and to look into what your treatment options are. Take care...Jan ♥

thank you my dotor set up an apointment with an eating disorder spacialist on th 28 for a full assement and treatment plan. since i got the apaintment i have been second gussing my chose to get treatment I know deep down i want help but i am scared to change the behavour scare to gain wight, scared of what the say how its going to affectmy day my rutine and retuals that I find comfort in.I scared feeling this way means i m not really ready for treatment is it normal to not be 100 percent pro treatment. I m just scared i m not ready and i will fail i hate failure thanks for ur replyes

just...I understand that you are scared. Change is a very frightening thing, especially when you think you are finding comfort in your current behaviors. If you think honestly about your life now, can you really say that you want to live this way? And, an eating disorder can damage your body physically and even lead to death. It certainly takes the life out of you!! An assessment will not commit you to treatment, but it could help you see the bigger picture more clearly, in order to decide what is best for you.
No one is ever really READY for treatment, in terms of wanting to do the hard work involved, but please don't wait until your are physically compromised to the point that you need extreme measures taken.
Taking the steps to fight against the eating disorder can never be a failure. If you stay open and keep working for it with professionals who know how to help, you can recover!!
Take care, and please keep writing!! Jan ♥



:) Listen to Jan, dear... I felt just like you not long ago... I listed to Jan (still do!) and my life has changed! ♥ Yes, it's scary. Yes, there's change involved. The uncertainty is difficult to face. But are you HAPPY with your life as it is now?? Really? There is a wonderful freedome waiting for you. You CAN reach it! You DO deserve it! Getting there means acting in spite of your fears. This assessment is SUCH a great step! You may not see it right now, but I believe that someday you will. :) No, it will not obligate you to act. Hopefully you will see the truth of your situation. Hopefully it will make you see that change is possible. Motivation FOLLOWS action. No one ever feels 100% devoted to recovery. My therapist described it well for me the other day... She said that people that recover WANT to believe that recovery is possible, and then move with that desire in mind. It's true!! I didn't believe in recovery, full recovery, when I started this process. I'm still not totally sure what recovery looks like. But I WANTED to believe! And acted as though I did. The rest came with time, patience, and a LOT of hard work and tears! ♥ I'm in recovery today because I wanted to believe people that had walked before me when they said that recovery is possible. I listened, and often blindly followed the path set out before me. Trust in the process, dear... It does get better. :)



You ARE in it Jen!! :)

Thank you I needs to hear that I decided that I will go and at lest see what they have to say I figure I can't make a desision without giving treatment a chance thanks again I will post how it goes