Did anyone do any shopping on Black Friday?

My middle daughter and I went to the mall yesterday to do some shopping. I was surprised it really wasn't that bad. It was not like it was when we went a few years ago. She and I had a great time. We took our time shopping and we had lunch together. I got most of my Christmas shopping done. How was it for everyone else?

We dont have black friday in Canada, we have our huge sale the day after Christmas, Dec 26, and we call it Boxing Day...which I will totally be shopping till I drop on ♥

There are usually great sales after Christmas here also. My daughters and I usually do those also. Tomorrow there will be "Cyber Monday" for people to shop online and save. It is the same as Black Friday just online. I have a few gifts I am looking for online and will check tomorrow to see how the sales are. I am almost done with Christmas shopping.

I work for a retail store, most of the time there is no energy left to shop, you run to work and you run back home. Hopefully, on my days off I will do some shopping. Wishing you all the best.

OoOo cyber monday? I could take advantage of that, online shopping is great!!