Did the most idiotic thing. I was talking to this guy on Sna

Did the most idiotic thing. I was talking to this guy on Snapchat. I took a photo of knee with a text saying "I'm in a bus, driving to a theatre studio". He replied to me with a photo of his knee in a bus with a text "Awesome". I saved his photo as a rememberance and took a photo of myself and brief seconds later he asked me "Why did you save my photo?" I was surprised by his question and I apologized to him. He unfriended me. He hasn't replied to my text. Another mistake madr by my idiocy.

Does not seem that you did anything wrong. If someone sends you a photo, why is it not OK to save it? And then on top of that , you did apologize. He does not sound very nice, frankly.

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@andine I mean, he’s still in my friends list, but in chats, it’s pending until he adds me as a friend.

He must have misunderstood.
You are fine. You did okay.
Sorry he unfriended. Maybe he's just unfriendly.

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@Inmylittleroom He was creeped out. How could he react to instead?

He could have accepted your apology.Why is it creepy to save a photo that he sent to you? @inmylittle room is probably right. He may not be someone that you want as a friend. It is Up to you of course, but Your tendency might be to blame yourself versus question his overreaction.

@andine Look, I did not mean to cause any harm. He was overreacting, not that he doesn’t want me as a friend.

Does not sound like you did anything wrong. The Internet can be a scary place and perhaps your potential friend has had bad experiences in the past which makes him ultra-sensitive.

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@andine I guess so. I don’t know him, so I really can’t tell.