just had my first meeting with a dietician specializing in eating disorder treatment. my last therapist did lots of work with me trying to discover what emotions i am "stuffing" with my compulsive binge eating. we never got to the bottom of it...

this dietician will be focusing on healthy and mindful eating i guess as opposed to the deeper meaning behind my binging.

so, my question is... has anyone had experience with a dietician being helpful? its quite a lot of money, so im just worried about the financial commitment. but if its going to be helpful, im pretty much willing to do anything. im so tired of the binge eating cycle. i just want it to end

I have been to several, they were collectively useless! That said I wasn't exactly honest either. I guess that may make all the difference. Have more courage than me and risk finding out?

I've seen a nutritionist but not a dietican...or wait, are they the same thing?

i think they are similar...

did the nutritionist help? i just wonder if i should be focusing more on why i binge and how to "feed my emotional needs" with a therapist, rather than seeing a dietician

liken nutritionists to visiting a councillor and dieticians to seeing a qualified psychologist. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hmmm...i havent seen the nutritionist one on one, it was part of ED group therapy, she came in twice. I did learn some stuff (why binges happen, the diff food groups importance, stabalizing gluclose in the blood etc) but some of the things this particular one had to say i strongly disagreed with. I dont think you'll find anyone who says yes or no for you to continue seeing your dietician, i think its more if you felt like it was worth it then you should continue to go. Everyones personal experience is going to be different right?