Difficult day today. I tend to feel more emotionally fragile

Difficult day today. I tend to feel more emotionally fragile over winter, work continues to be very challenging (eg Narcissist boss) and today's events in Paris, a city I particularly love, are tragic. Reminding myself that they are 'terrorist' attacks, deliberately intended to shock and dismay, so it is important not to become discouraged, as this is how these people 'win'.
The decent people of the world are coming out in support of the victims of these atrocities everywhere - the refugees, the other victims, the bereaved families. Wherever we are, there is something we can do. A food parcel, an encouraging message of support. If we live in the 'free world', we are not helpless. Every little helps.

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Totally agree with that. I also think that if you are sensitive to news, you best better not occupy yourself with it, and only bring good people/things/events into your life, while throwing the bad people/things/events out of your life.

Do you also have one of those winter lights, that help you deal with the lack of sunshine?

Hi DE. Yes, I do have a daylight simulation light which makes a lot of difference.
If I had the money and time, I would take a winter sunshine break every year. It's only a couple of hours to fly to Spain ....
This news story is so big here in Europe that you'd have to be living in space not to notice it. The wonderful thing is that the people of Paris have come out and shown great compassion and support, as I knew they would. :)