Hi everyone. I'm hoping for suggestions and advice. My husband and are in the process of getting a divorce. He wants to leave this marriage for another woman, although he says it has nothing to do with that woman. Anyway, I cannot move out of the house till May next year for a couple of reasons. It is not easy staying in the same house and not doing the same things I have been doing for the past 15 years. I still cook and clean for him. I still talk and joke with him. We just don't sleep in the same bed anymore. I don't want to do things for him and yet I am miserable when I leave him out of my daily planning. I am no longer angry, I am just extremely sad. I feel happier when I just continue life as usual. I remind myself daily that he no longer wants me. Yet, I rationalize that I would do all the stuff around the house for anyone who stays with me anyway. Is this the right direction? Am I doing the right thing?

Hey there
how are you doing ---
I am in very similar situations. Living in same home
with Ex to B. He is wanting out for another also.
It has been devastating for me. After 23 years he tells me he wants to be single and from that day forward I was
dead to him (about 6 weeks ago). Any communication has been all business regarding the divorce. If he is not at work he is with her. She is also married and has filed for divorce.
I will check and see ir you respond to this - we can chat.
Are you in Ohio

Common theme... My husband of 20 yrs moved out 16 mths ago cause I can't do anything right. He is now dating and it's killing me. He treats me horribly and I know I need to file for divorce- it's just so hard!

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