Disapointed and left wondering

Hi everyone,
I went for my first measurements and weigh-in yesterday with my personal trainer since starting on a meal plan 3 weeks ago. I am really disappointed and slightly confused at the result. I have been sticking to my meal plan of 6 small meals a day, 4 of which contain protein and 2 which are high energy snacks, and have completely stopped exercising. I have gained next to nothing...not even a kilo...in three weeks! Why is this? I'm really confused and I'm also really disappointed, I was hoping for more. My trainer also took some measurements of my hips, thighs, chest, bum and waist and was pleased that I have gotten bigger in all these areas...but that doesnt equate with the very small weight gain Has anyone else experienced this?

I want to go back and see the nutritionist although unfortunately, due to financial difficulties (Im a university student living away from home) I cant afford a follow up appointment for at least another couple of weeks. Im not sure if its really allowed, but I thought maybe if I posted a sample of what I would usually eat on a daily basis, maybe some of you could give me pointers on how/where I could improve? OK so this is what I would usually have during the day:

Breakfast = 1) bowl of muesli with 1/2 cup of full fat soy milk and a piece of fruit and a cup of tea OR
2) bowl of porridge made with the above milk, piece of fruit and a cup of tea.
* I always sprinkle about 1 teaspoon of brown sugar on my cerial or have golden syrup on my porridge

Morning Tea = 50g bar of chocolate

Lunch = chicken or egg or ham and cheese or peanut butter sandwhich on wholemeal toast bread and a piece of fruit (banana usually)

Afternoon tea = 25g of peanuts or high calorie muesli bar

Dinner = either 1) rice or pasta with either chicken or fish and vegies * I always add one teaspoon of olive oil and usually sprinkle about 25grams of cheese on my pasta if Im having a tomato based sauce OR
2) A pie with vegies OR
3) A large slice of lasagne with vegies

Dessert = 2 high calorie biscuits with a cup of tea OR hot chocolate made with full fat soy milk

And I also drink a 500mL energy drink throughout the day.

So what do you think? Is there something I should be adding/replacing/doing differently? I would really appreciate any pointers. Thanks heaps

It takes our bodies time to adjust to food again, and your metabolism may be 'kicking in', which means you will need to increase your intake frequently to continue to gain to a healthy weight.
Follow the advice of the people you are working with, unless you don't think you are getting accurate or 'good' help.
Please also refrain from listing specifics foods and amounts. It's very common to get into comparing, and this can cause people to become 'triggered' or upset about their own plan.
Thank you for your input and for reaching out!!
Take care...Jan ♥

Hi Jan
Thanks for your support, and I do apologize for including inappropriate material in my post, I really didnt mean for it to be triggering at all. Ill be more careful in the future.


My old therapist used to say that your body is like a thermostat. It likes to stay in the same range. Usually, this works out fine, but if you break the thermostat (i.e. reach a lower weight than you should be at), it's really hard to turn it back up to where it needs to be. It's just not working right yet. Hope that helps.

Truelmage....I like that analogy! Welcome...I hope you will share more with us here! Jan ♥

Just keep doing what you are doing. I was in treatment, eating a full meal plan for 2 months and it was still very difficult for me to gain. Eventually I did. it just takes time. Remember a zebra can't change its stripes over night!

Trust in your yourself and the advice that your helpers are giving you. I have started eating more and exercising less and am not noticing the results in the mirror yet, but am noticing that my eating disorder voice is becoming less dominant and that is progress too! I know that my family is looking for more physical results, but the physical will come along - the mental is the tough part!