Disregard my last post, definitely having a second out break

Disregard my last post, definitely having a second out break I found a blister. Can someone tell me some home remedies I can use? Someone;in my family through away my medication by accident so I don't have my antivirals :(

I've never taken Meds, what I would do was eat foods high in lysine, or go buy the lysine vitamins n take those. Take a Epsom salt bath, put coconut oil on the ob....n jus go about your life. Let me know if it works for u. That's all I ever did and I've never taken medication and the obs would go away within days. I would get one once a month for 3 months after I was diagnosed. Haven't had one in 2 months. Good luck!!! I'm here if u ever wanna talk!

@Bewitched64 thank you! Sometimes I forgot I had herpes but I guess it decided to show its ugly face again lol. But I went 3 months without having an outbreak after my first one and so far it’s just one little blister lol. No problems other than it itches like hell. I think I’m starting to get the hang of how to tell when an outbreak is coming. This one is alot more doable than the first outbreak. I just got to figure out what triggered it. I was thinking stress but I’m constantly stressed out and didn’t have any outbreak until 3 months later. So I have no idea

If its hsv2 lysine may not work. Eat healthy and get anti viral cream for cold sores. Just dont stress

Does ice compresses work also?

I think I have an outbreak 6 months apart from my first one and it was pretty much caused by my immune system not being up to speed so do look at what is going on in your life at the moment and identify any triggers

@lisajd I'm very lucky to have the immune system that I do. And on the coconut oil can it be any kind or does it have to be a specific brand?

@allycat21 i Jus put whatever coconut oil I had. Made it feel better. And I have hsv2 only and the lysine in my eyes made it go away within days. And like u say ur stressed constantly, me too! Honestly the past 2 months have been even more stressful than the ones before that and I didn’t get any obs. So I’m not sure what triggers it, I think it just pops up when it wants to lol. Mine don’t itch that much, and it never came back the way my first one was. Now that sucked so bad. Hopefully they will lessen n lessen n then stop completely. We should all eat healthy, herpes or not. I hope everything gets better!

We will be able to date again you just have to start recognising that herpes is not the big deal that you make it out to be. I have told quite a few guys and the very accepting of it sure there will be some who aren't but at the end of the day 80% of the population has oral herpes and that give some protection