Dizziness from Rituxan

I started on Rituxan 6/23/10, once a week for Follicular NHL. I was also given pills, Allipurinol, to protect my kidneys. About 1 week after my first treatment, I started getting dizzy, especially when I got up from laying down, or changed positions when I am laying down. I've never been dizzy before. Dr. took me off Allupurinol 10 days ago...I am still getting dizzy spells. She gave me Meclizine to take as needed, I try not to take much, but when I do it helps for a day. Other than that, no side effects, maybe a little tired. I am Stage IV, Grade 2, Less than 5% BM involvement, asymptomatic, totally. Has anyone else had dizziness associated with Rituxan? Thanks all!

My mother had similar complaints,but she is satisfied with the medical action of the drug. So you can read about some side effects Rituxan.

" Common Rituxan Side Effects

Common side effects during Rituxan treatment include:
I started to experience some fever, and within less than five or ten minutes, I was back to myself.

living with RA since 2001
taking Rituxan since 2006

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* infusion reactions
o hives (red itchy welts) or rash
o itching
o swelling of your lips, tongue, throat or face
o sudden cough
o shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, or wheezing
o weakness
o dizziness or feel faint
o palpitations (feel like your heart is racing or fluttering)
o chest pain
* chills
* infections
* body aches
* tiredness
* low white blood cells

If these occur, they usually do so within 24 hours after the first infusion.

Other common side effects include:

* aching joints
* upper respiratory tract infection
* decreased blood cell counts
* lung problems "

Rituxan made me warm all over about 20 minutes after the IV started, started at my toes and worked its way up, then red all over and trouble breathing. I think everyone's reaction is different, I even hear there are some people that have no reaction. All they did was give me a shot of something then 15 minutes later I started feeling better and didnt have another reaction until the next time. 5 out of 6 times I had a reaction and the chemo nurse told me she has not seen that before as anyone who has a reaction like that only gets it once.

Have someone check your blood pressure laying, sitting and standing. This can be very dangerous. My husband's blood pressure went down to 46/20 and they thought he had heart damage. It is a known and reported side effect from Rituxin and has been reported to the FDA. Do not take this lightly. You may need fluids, your bloood work may be out of balance. Make sure they check your magnesium and potassium levels. If your potassium is low and your magenesium is low, your body will not absorb any potassium replacements that your doc may prescribe for you.

Hi Gailmarie, I too have Follicular NHL, StageIV,Grade2,
5% Bone BM, asymptomatic. Just finished 2nd
round of R-CHOP, they gave me Allipurinol
once a day for 7 days during first round.
I got a little dizzy when getting up from
sleeping, i took it easy and drank fluids
and had breakfast felt better. 2nd round
didn,t have any problems. 2 more weeks till
round 3, blood counts are still good. I
think we are about at the same point in
treatment. Let me know how you are doing.