Dizziness poses serious safety threat

This article covers a specific Asian city's problem with dizziness and accidents that it causes, but I wanted to share this because I can relate to how dangerous dizziness can be especially when operating a car. I have gotten severe dizzy spells while driving and was incredibly fortunate because I pulled over in time to nip it in the bud.

"Dizziness may not sound like a serious problem but it causes dangerous accidents every year, and experts warn that more and more people are suffering from the condition amid the stresses of modern society.

One of the most recent accidents caused by dizziness was the Aug. 23 death of a university president who was struck by a train after being pushed off a platform at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.

Seisa University President Masaya Sato, 77, was at the head of a line of passengers when a 42-year-old man suffering from severe dizziness bumped into the line. The man had been crouching down on the platform and became groggy when he tried to stand up.

Members of the Metropolitan Police Department's Shinjuku Police Station arrested the man on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter, suspecting his drinking caused the accident. The man allegedly drank a shochu highball and beer shortly before the incident.

The police sent him to prosecutors, later changing the charges to bodily injury resulting in death.

However, it was eventually discovered that the man was taking medicine to lower his chronically high blood pressure, as well as medicine to suppress the dizziness that is a side-effect of the drug.

Taking this into account, the prosecutors dropped the charges last month after consulting with experts, determining the incident was caused by dizziness and was unintentional..."


        Source: AsiaOne Health, 10/18/10

I get dizzy spells and like you PD I fear one happening while driving. Mind you, mine are more from when I go from lying down or sitting to standing, still a scary thought.

It is really scary, have you ever talked to your doctor about this?

Its due to electrolytes being off and vitamin b12 deficency from my ED

Got it, has your doctor or nutritionist given you guidance on how to remedy this? Are you taking supplements now?