DO any of you know active Dating sites for people with stds?

DO any of you know active Dating sites for people with stds? so far google has given me ones that are crap.

Positive singles

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I made an account and it seems like no one is on or uses it.

and i cant email people unless i pay for it.

Try MPWH I'm not sure what it stands for. I did get on there once tring to get information. It's for herpes only and at the time they didn't charge anything

Thanks ill try that. its so hard putting yourself out there. Im just tired of the point in dating when you have to tell the other person that you have it.

I'm just curious how many people have you told. I've told 4 and 3 were accepting. I just seem to think the more I talk and tell the more confident I become with myself. Maybe it's just because I've had guys accept me and they don't think its a big deal really.


I also understand your point because I get very nervous and anxious right before I tell them.

they all acted as if i were a monster but i think its because they were still so young. i've know about me having this since i was 13.

I'm sorry that has been your experience. I'm sure I'm quite a bit older then you and that may make a difference. I wish you luck on the new site and let me know how it goes.

im 20 now and dating is a nightmare in general. i just want to find a way that is less painful while i develop myself. you know

I completely understand. The sooner you learn to love everything about yourself and be happy with just you the better your life will be. And then your Mr. Right will show up for the right reasons.

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Yeah, there's pos singles and there's mpwh, which is doing a free thing right now. I've made some good local friends from pos singles.
There are secret hsv social fbk groups that you can join. Idk, I'm in 2 of them and they're whatever. I'm too busy to really get into that but I greatly appreciate the connections I've made on pos singles. I imagine it's different for a female. But just give it time. The moments when you'll receive just what you need is when you're not actively looking for it. :)

you are only 20 though and you are still young give it time to find the right person you don't need to rush it. but I do understand the wants to be with someone I am 48 and I still want to be with someone I've had my fair share of disasters but I keep on trying so don't give up

Thanks guys this means a lot to me.