Do cravings ever go away?

I've been using cocaine for 14 years and quit cold turkey since 5/12. Will the cravings ever go away? What can I do to help with the cravings?

They do go away. I used coke for 7 years and almost have 3 years clean, at the end was using it IV. The first year was the hardest, after the first year it gets alot easier so just take it take by day. After getting two years you don't think twice about it, and it's almost as if it was a different person. I was told by a doctor that your brain takes 2 years to completely heal, and after two years the relapse rate goes down to less than 10%. Find a good friend that doesn't use drugs and hang out with them everyday if possible. You need someone/thing who can take your mind off it and just stick with that.