Do I have an eating disorder

I know this might sound dumb, but every once in a while I will go a week or two making myself throw up after eating and or not eating at all. I am not like this ALL THE TIME. I just do it umm every.. 4 months or so when it starts. I only stop because someone notices a friend/family. This week I ate a peice of cake and I thought I had ate too much so i made myself throw up, i also ate a few more chips than i should have sooooo i puked again today im just wondering if i am concidered bulimic lol i am going to be puking up things that i eat for a while.... i go through this all the time. so just wonndering any answers will help :P

Brittany...your questions are valid, and this is a concern. Your intense focus on food and your discomfort when you discern that you have eaten 'too much' indicate that food, weight, etc., may have taken on an emotional meaning for you..maybe a means to have control? I can't say for sure, but it's important that you see a doctor or a therapist about this, to determine how to stop this cycle before it takes over your life.
It's never too soon to get help, but it can be too late. Please see a professional about this, and feel free to share here! Take care...Jan

hey um brittany sounds like you need help i think this should be taken seriously and you have to just take control of these les get into how this came about what do you think caused this send me a private message im here for you too listen.....