Do I really have an ED

Why does it seem like I'm constantly thinking of food and my weight? My parents ask about my eating habits constantly and said I'm in "denial". At every second I think of what I'm not going to eat or what meal is coming up and who I'm going to eat it with. "How am I going to hide it?" Is my number one thought. I skip meals as frequently as possible when my parents aren't around. They're always up my *** about eating. So maybe they think I have a problem. I don't think I have a problem. I'm simply dieting to lose some weight. I've done pretty good, I think. I've lost ten pounds in the past 3 weeks. So from about 100 to 90. I'm about 5 foot 5. I look normal. My parents said I look sick, but. I don't know what the hell they're talking about. I'm normal. They make me feel like a freak when they talk to me about food and eating disorders. I've dealt with depression, and still am. I've also don't my fair share of purging, but it was no big deal and only lasted about 5 months. I'm just looking for support and opinions, because I don't believe my own parents. Anorexia, or no?
Any feedback and support would be awesome. Thanks :)

lilly...Welcome to support groups! The reason you are obsessed with thoughts of food and weight is because you are starving your body, and it's only natural that this would be the main topic on your mind. Based on what you have shared, you are most likely suffering from an eating disorder, and if not, you are certainly headed that way.
Your weight on your height is way below a healthy range, but I understand why you can't see that. Your perspective is skewed at this point.
Please get some professional help, in the way of a therapist, or at least see a doctor. Your weight is not normal or healthy.
I am a nurse, and recovered from my own 37 year battle with anorexia. I can't officially diagnose you, but you are in a dangerous spot. Please get help as soon as possible. Your future depends on it.
Thank you for sharing, and please continue to write!!
Jan ♥

Lilly-love, I don't think I'm in any position to tell you whether you do have an ED or not. However from what you are explaining (about the constant thoughts) it sounds all too familiar. The weight loss is unhealthy and I also understand why you feel you look 'fat' and actually to everyone else you aren't. I suggest you speak to a therapist who can help you through this mentally and emotionally and a dietitian who will help explain what is healthy and whom you could ask all of your questions concerning food and losing weight and what a healthy weight is and really anything of that nature that crosses your mind... Hope you work things out, and let us know!

hi Lilly, I think I might know how you feel,I'm here trying to diagnose myself too. I know it's easy to resent your parents for caring so much,but I feel like i should tell you,I wish mine paid me half the attention your getting.I know it makes you angry,but they love you. I wish I had someone in my life right now who would be willing to try and help me get better. I had to hit rock bottom before I could finally see that I might need some help.Being on this website has helped me so much,and even though a huge part of me doesn't want to get better,I'm fighting to do what I know i have to do to save myself. hang in there.:) know we're all here for you,okay? your definitely not alone,and your definitely not crazy. You can get through this. :)

I agree with Ella. I know it seems like your parents are up your behind and that may be the case, but be thankful. When I tried to get help a few years ago, my mom yelled at me. She told me I was only making it impossible for myself to ever get health insurance. Her and I wound up not speaking for a while and now we hardly ever talk. I am forced to hide what I am going through...from everyone...and nobody truly knows how bad this "disorder" of mine has gotten. The worst part? My mom is a psychologist and she should know better. Anyway, I know it's rough, but try to accept the feedback your family is trying to give you. Take the help that is being offered...regardless of how you feel about it. You will be better because of it in the end. All the best. You're in my thoughts and prayers.