Do something new and different for a pep up

As of the past few months, life has been pretty overwhelming, caused primarily by business and also feeling lonely. From this I experienced so much stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression and overall sadness. I didn't really see an end in sight to this period. But it was up to me to change all of this; therefore, I had to pull myself up and out. I started to explore fun new activities and only surround myself by happy, positive and loving family and friends.

This eve I did something so different with a new group of friends, I went to a sporting event with a nice new group of friends, which was so much fun. I laughed, I cheered, I had an incredible time. Tomorrow I am going for a challenging evening run through hills and lots of stairs with another friend, which is something that I never do.

This just shows me that it's really up to me to get myself up and out of this period of time. I need to embrace each and everyday. I am taking it one day at a far so good. I highly recommend that you try something new, challenging and different. Add a little pep to your life!

your words are very inspiring!

I love what yyou said about trying something new. I just don't know where to start. where does one begin? as I brain storm I think it must have to be about some interest I have. My problem is I have been bed ridden for years. know I am not (Praise be to God) but I am stuck on where to start. any ideas out there?

judy2 ....

Here are two links that might be of some help to you:

Monica.maria, thank you so much! I love to share and help in any little way that I can.

Judy2, so happy that you are not bed ridden any longer and in a place where you can get up and out, that's such a blessing. I honestly felt stuck as well, though as friend's started asking me to venture into new and unknown activities, I thought....why not! If you have family, friends, acquaintances, I'd simply ask what they are up to and ask if they would like to plan a fun activity. It can be anything; from something active like a walk, hike, bike ride to painting ceramics. Also, check out your local community's activities, as most communities have local events (theater, dance classes, etc). I was never interested in going to sporting events, but my friends boasted about it constantly, so I thought why not try something new and different, and I love it now.

I think that it's all about getting out of your comfort zone and venturing into something new, giving us purpose and makes life more of an adventure overall.