Do you all have journals?

Hello all,

I have been hearing about the importance of journaling for some time now... Do you all have journals? If so, what do you enter into your journals?

I was going to start one and just write POSITIVE things that I do each day for myself -- drinking water, exercising moderately -- eating a reasonable meal (i.e. when/if I don't b/p).

At first I was going to track how often I b/p, but then it turned out that I would b/p every day and so then I was upset with myself and decided to quit the journal altogether...

So... I guess I'm giving myself a 2nd chance. :)

Thanks in advance for your comments/thoughts...


Caroline...many people can benefit from keeping a journal. A journal of your food intake might be helpful for your therapist, but please take care that it doesn't a more negative focus. Meal planning is another type of journaling, but it is totally recovery-based.
For myself, keeping a journal was very helpful, and I wrote about my thoughts and feelings as a way to get them sorted out in my head. It was very helpful.
Personally, I think an 'emotional' journal could be more positive. Good luck!! Jan ♥

Hey there. I've been keeping journals for almost ten years. I feel them up with anything and everything I feel like. Sometimes I keep a couple at a time. I think I'm really bad at it- Often I look back and realized I just used them to rant or obsess about my feelings or opinions. Sometimes I wrote letters to people that I would never mail just to feel better. Looking back at them can help me so much, they often point out things I didn't realize about myself or the situation or things I should do differently in future similar situations. Sometimes I draw pictures. It's up to you. It's a journey. Sometimes I've also tried to be strict and orderly about them like you talked about. That doesn't work for me though, I get frustrated and give up on them. But I think journals are important, even if it's just to show us patterns we can improve or congratulate ourselves on. Lately I keep a journal about my thoughts and feelings and I also have one were I write one good thing everyday I want to remember. It's completely personal.