Do you do this too?

Okay, since I'm new here, and for the first time in the 20 years I've been struggling with bulemia am actually talking to others with the same problem, I'm learning that some things I do I'm not alone in doing - such a relief! I was just wondering if I could ask you guys about something particular that I do and maybe you could let me know if you do it too.

In reading the posts, I've discovered that many of us horde food, binge on the evenings, hide the food proof from our spouses, sneak off in one way or another to b/p, will venture out in extreme weather/time situations just to get binge food, and have actually realized that other addictions can also related to the ED... never knew that! But I do this thing, for years, where I bite off the taste buds on my tongue. I don't know what triggers it, but I notice that one day I will just start biting and before you know it, a quarter of my tongue is raw and bleeding. Then, of course, overnight the body tries to heal itself and a white layer of scab(?) grows over, but then I spend the next few days biting that off. I have to force myself not too. Continually remind myself to leave it alone. Chew gum incessantly (which is rather annoying) in order to not bite away. Am I alone in doing this? Anyone know if it's a nervous habbit? I don't bite my nails or cuticles or anything, so maybe this is my alternative? I'm not the type of person with a nervous twitch though. I don't shake my leg. My hands don't always need to fiddle with something. I don't play with my hair or my neclace or anything. But I do this. For years. I'm even doing it now as I type. Picking off the scabs that have grown back over the past few days. Am I alone here?

Hi ForestChild, thank you for being here with us and for sharing. I haven't heard of this in particular, but I am assuming that it's a nervous habit, as would skin picking or hair pulling be for some. Although, I am not a doctor, so I can't tell you for certain. Have you ever talked to a doctor or therapist about this?

Thanks for responding PDL. I never spoke to a therapist about my ED and never thought of discussing this particular habbit either. It wasn't until I started reading posts on here that I made a connection that it might have to do with anxiety or something else. Now that I'm more aware, I'll have to research it a bit.

Hope you are doing well and staying strong!

Please let me know if you need any help researching. And, please let me know how you are doing and how things are progressing.

Thanks, will do! :)

I thank you for your post. As a dentist I had never heard about it and now I can be a little more alert if I see the signs on my patients.... Also, I will try to do some literature research about this constant trauma and the risk of oral cancer. I wish you good luck with you eating disorder and I hope you can stop the bitting habit.
P.S My only recommendation as a dentist at this point would be using a mouthwash with no alcohol to improve healing and prevent infection. Also, if the lesion is painful you can get some orajel or topical oral anesthetic and apply to the area for relief especially before meals.

Thank you for the post Mimmi... although you kind of scared me with the oral cancer remark. I never thought of that before. I don't usually bite enough to have that kind of pain to require a topical anesthetic... although I may have at some point in time or another. I will definitely try harder to catch myself if there's any chance of oral cancer though! That's for the warning!!

Sorry to have scared you... but maybe that was a good
thing? :)
As I say I don't have done any research but in general terms a tissue responds to chronic injury by modifying/altering itself and that sometimes includes malignacy.
There is plenty of evidence of this with the chronic injury caused by smoking and alcohol for example....

Some info I just found:

Hope it helps.