Do you enjoy this time of year?

This is the time of year where any day Christmas decorations will go up, the sales start and the joyful for some, agonizing for others, family dinner invitations start.

Just remember, your mental health comes first, go participate if it brings you joy, rsvp no if it doesn’t.


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I used to like this time of year when I was younger. The way the house felt warm. The way it smelled. Not having work the next day. Then my uncle passed away, and my mothers side split into three groups and we never see each other anymore. Now it just doesn’t feel the same and I think it may because in my eyes, modern life has become over commercialized which makes it honestly feel cheap.

Add in all the other negative aspects of modern living, weather it be the precipice of war, the crippled economy, the way work satisfaction has continued to tank, and the general sense of anger and discontent that has been rotting mainstream society for a while now, it seems pleasant holidays can’t balance the scales anymore like they used to. Feels like the days that we remember fondly from years past are just gone.

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What you said feels really familiar, once your grandparents or older relatives pass, it kind of feels like, what is the point a little bit. -SG

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It do be like that sometimes. Some people get lucky and have a close knit family that doesn’t even need holidays to get together, others get what amounts to high school cliques, which is still better than broken. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older, or if it’s the world actually matching my perception of it. Honestly, it’s probably a little from column A and a little from column B. The one objective thing is that it just doesn’t feel the same.

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I feel like you put my thoughts to page exactly, ugh, I love this time of year, it doesn’t have bugs, I don’t sweat, but all the music and cheer. Plus, when you don’t fall into the christian, christmas Group, it becomes a little hard to listen to 2 months of Christmas music, I sound like scrooge don’t I? :flushed:

Oh jeeze, I absolutely hate Christmas music. I couldn’t imagine working retail during this season. After barely a solid week of Mariah Carey’s Christmas hits they would have me on high-risk monitoring. No thanks!

I am all for a break in the heat, where you sweat for existing, but often by February or March, I’m ready for the heat again.

I cannot even imagine the torture of having to listen to that for 2 months straight!

I could see that song being used in some deep, dark CIA blacksite to interrogate some hapless low level enemy of the state.

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