Do you ever feel like people think your dramatic for having an ED?

do you ever feel like people think your dramatic for having an ED? I have told my parents crying and welling up and read from my diary and they are like.... "just eat something, or go on a normal diet,( like its easy), or there is nothing wrong with YOU."

I have a therapist for OCD and she says I have a full blown eating disorder, so i know im not making it up.

I have a twitter and my friends noticed some disturbing tweets, so i had to tell some of them more about my ED (they pretty much know) and i feel like a drama queen. one of them is rushing over to my house, and I hate attention. I just feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, out of place, and cant decide if i want to eat a whole plate of cookies, throw up, or just eat nothing for a week.

I hate this...

hello eep,
many people do not know how to behave around this issue. We can not ask them to be sensitive because they just do not have the knowledge do so. Most of them do not really know about Eating disorders or other mental problems; maybe is up to us to actually educate them a little! You must be strong to face the health issue and at the same time cope with the people around you and their attentive behaviors. I believe you got what it takes! I also want to believe that all of them would like to help you feel better if they knew how.
Hang in there and when possible raise awareness to your cause! :P

sounds good, thanks, its so hard for me to educate because its hard to talk about without feeling embarrassed or ashamed


That will come in time... For now, be very honest with your therapist, and accept support where it comes. ♥ Perhaps your therapist can help you talk to your parents about your eating disorder? No, having one is NOT being dramatic... :) NO ONE chooses this path... That's a difficult thing to wrap our brains around, I understand, particularly when shame is so much a part of our silence and isolation.

Love to you!


thanks so much jen! i think i am going to do a family therapy session again. last time didnt work so well, but im willing to try again

That's a great idea! :)



hugs :)

hey eep, you're certainly NOT over dramatic. i think your parents simply have no understanding at all of what an ED actually is and what it can do to you both mentally and physically. and of course it's not something you can see through xrays or a scan or whatever so it's really hard to grasp if you've never been there yourself. unfortunately there will be some people out there that judge, people that will never get it. but hopefully with time your parents will overcome this.

in the very beginning of my bulimia my dad was so desperate he cut out a newspaper pic of a starving child in africa, then writing 'how can you waste all this food when there are people starving?' man, i was so mad and deeply hurt, but for him it was his way of trying to help and his way of crying out.

what i'm trying to say is, people need time to learn and get used to things and you and your friends or parents will have to experiment how to handle each other. it's a long journey and you will step on each other's feet but the most important thing is to be open about your feelings and thoughts. nobody out there can read minds :-)

continue trying, eep, just like you said!!


thanks maedi, i really apprectiate your words!!!!


I feel the same way at family doctor and therapist both suggested to just 'eat' (if it were that easy would i be needing to see both of you weekly?) and then both suggested I lose some weight. WTF?
I used to think my parents thought I over reacted, but they truly see my struggles and how much it effects me...its not some glorified excuse to act the way i do...its a disease and disorder that should not be taken lightly.