Do you ever have a moment where you wonder who would you cal

Do you ever have a moment where you wonder who would you call if something happened to you? I have a lot of "acquaintances" but not a lot of really good friends who I know I can count on.
There are days that go by that I don't have any real conversations with anyone - even my BF - which is sad.
Needing to break out of this shell & make some true friends who understand me, that I can lean on when need be, & have an actual interest in me. And that I can be that person for them.
Just someone I can chat with throughout the day.
Where does a person find that these days?!
It's like I need a "friending" website instead of a dating site. Ha ha!

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I feel the same way. I have to move out of state in two months and I am leaving everything and everyone I know. How am I going to do this? If I feel lonely now I cannot imagine how I will feel then. I also have many physical issues that keep me a prisoner of my body.

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yes, i also want a person like you describe. someone to chat with through the day and who really understands me. sounds great. but right now i find that none of my friend fit the bill independently but when i put them together it is okay. one texts me a lot. another will listen to my hangups, and the other gets what i am going through. it's kind of strange cuz they aren't one person but they are all right. i need to appreciate what i have. i am going out to coffee with new people this month. maybe i will meet someone there. i am still hopeful. i want to have real conversations too. :) yes, you will be happier if you make friends who understand you. and it sounds like you would be a good friend to them.

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I feel the same way. My best friend of 10+ years passed away almost 2 years ago so I've felt very lonely ever since. I rarely receive phone calls or messages and I lost a lot of friends because I gave up drinking. In the end, I realized those people weren't really good friends if they only wanted to go out and drink with me... I feel like every time I reach out to someone they're too busy, but that's life. I'm trying to be my own friend, but I feel terrible when I make my bf feel guilty because I complain that he has so many friends and I have nobody. I'll be your friend..

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I Have always used my boyfriend as my best friend. I have many boyfriends, but I have been without one for 11/2 years and realize now it was. Mistake to make him the center of my world because when he left me I was devastated. I thought he was my best friend as well as my boyfriend but that was not the case. My one other good friend is very ill with a degenerative disease and I am going to lose her else. I feel so Lone most of the time. I myself are having health issues and do not want to burden anyone so therefore o stay to myself. Hard to reach out to people when you are dealing with physical problems. I am a good listener and try to understand what other people are going through but right now I am so overwhelmed with my own problems reaching out is very challenging.

@Annielaurie yes this is exactly where I am at. I’ve always had my significant other be my best friend, which I think is great in some respects, but there’s just something that I don’t necessarily want to always talk to him about. Or in the case when we’re having issues or fighting or anything like that, I want someone to bounce things off of just to get another perspective.
And although I don’t have any physical problems, I do have a lot of insecurities based on my body. Which he totally does not understand and I hate birding name him with that as well. So I totally can see where that would be a struggle for you

Plus I know I need to have my own life so to speak. I need to find my own interests but I think since I have kids I'm always so focused on everyone else that I don't tend to think of me.

Children usually keep you preoccupied so you do have a tendency to forget about you. Carving out a little time for yourself would be healthy for you and probably your children also if they are old enough to understand that you need to take some time for yourself.