Do you ever wonder?

Some users are brave enough to post photo's of themselves as their avatar picture, while others do not for whatever reason. My reasons are simple: fear someone i have a working relationship may stumble upon my dirty little secret. Everyones reasons for doing so, or not doing so are personal.

My question is.....for those of us who dont post a photo of you ever wonder what we look like? What colour we have our hair? Our eyes? Our general facial features?

I often wonder, do you?

Sure, I wonder. :) But it's kind of nice to get to know each other without any focus on looks at all- Kind of refreshing. ;0)

Anyway, one thing I've learned through all of this work? No one can tell whether someone has an ED by looking at them. :)

I get what you're saying about not wanting anyone you know to stumble on you... I have felt that fear in various intensities at different times. The feeling lessens, I think, as shame falls away. Recovery work is HARD, but very freeing. ;0) I still don't want anyone to find me, but I feel less ashamed of what I've been through. If that makes sense. :)



Oh my wondering has nothing to do with putting a face to an ED, I'm a prime example of someone who doesn't based on outter appearences look like I have one. Its more just sheer curiosity!!

hmmm interesting... i think it is refreshing --the annonyous point of veiw featured on this site--the fact we arent who we look like but who we are...

but yes i guess i do wonder about everyone on here---what they look like -just to get a feel of who they are--as well as what they like to do and opinions and so oon. i guess what i mean is---instead of thinking of them as through a message or post but i try to think how they would be in real life.
and you know what???? what ive concluded is that all of you are the most amazing loving kind intelligent people ever!!


Yeah, I wonder what people look like sometimes too.

I don't have anything for my avatar because I don't know how to put one on. Does the site have their own avatars to pick from? If so, how do I put one on?

avatar--what is that???

what i do is ----i go to edit my profile, and go to photos then --go to my browser and pick a picture on my computer... at least i think that is what i do!

i had a hard time with that one at first coming here --last year so i think my fiancee did it!


yes lilac--i get curious too! hehe...these pics on here are so small you can barely see them! you almost need a magnifying glass!


Lol well, glad I'm not the only one!!!

Lilac...of course I wonder, but it's only natural. I like that we can all choose whether to post an actual picture of ourselves, or simply something that is meaningful to us.
Whatever feels safer to you is perfect!
Take care...Jan ♥

I wonder too but I also like that we can get to know each other without appearances being important. I personally don't like taking pictures and I don't have many pictures of myself. I am working on accepting my body and my appearance but I still don't like myself or others looking at pictures of me. I don't want people thinking Im too fat to have an ed. I know that is silly and that people with eds come in all different shapes and sizes but that is where I am with the whole picture thing right now. I am working on it and aware that my thinking is distorted in that aspect but I know it will change eventually.

I'm in the same position Nicole. This was more meant to be a fun post not really supposed to bring out insecurities. Sorry guys! More like a do you think I have blonde hair? Is it short/long, curly/ straight type thing.

lilac--- i dont think this is an un-fun post--it is fun, i think though that we with ED have a hard time accpeting ourselves and are so insecure. like --as nicole said---am i too large to have ED??? number one, EDs come in all shapes and sizes, and usually our distorted mind says we are larger than we are...
to look at me, i would not look like i have ED.. yet i am in recovery so i guess thats a good thing!LOL! although i do say im not thin enough to seek help, yet i know it isnt true.... i still need help for ED at any size...'

but yes i am curious...not to jsut know the physical but who you guys are---in "real life' LOL.... you know?

but hey JAN I did meet you so, my curiousity is put to rest there! and you are amazing! as is everyone here!


still wish i could actually SEE the pics on here, though! LOL!!! ha, they are soo tiny!!!!!!


Lol yes they are tiny!
I'm knee deep into my ed so I get what ur saying, I think your the blonde one in ur pic??

im the one in the leapord print top( at least that i can see!) on the left...

the one on the right ---is our beloved JAN!!!

my birthday dinner with jan! it gets confusing though---i see her profile pic and mine--i get confused which relpy is mine or hers!!!!


So jan is the blonde you are the brunette? I can't see leopaes or print at all lol

ok--we are both blonde---hehehehe LOL...
just different shades of blonde...

im the one with shoulder length hair in the white black/ top and she is the one in the black top....

im on the left she is on the right--if you are looking straight on...

yeah i know these pics are HARD to SEE!!! LOL!!!


Very hard to see!!! Jan looks like she has dark brown hair unless my eyes are playing tricks on me!!

oooo i know, lilac --look at Jans profile pic --she has a clearer one... lilac---

im the one with curly shoulder length blonde hair... on the left..( although it is not naturally curly!)

me and jan have the same picture--so like i said, it is confusing !!!!! but pretty cool!!!!


trust me it is not you--it is the fact the pics are sooo small it is actually hurtful to our eyes!!!!

thats why to put up pics on here you sooo need a close up--pic or else it is so hard to see...

oh well! ha, thats why i guess it is soooo normal to wonder what we all look like--cause you really cant tell on here!!!