Do you feel separation anxiety regarding your phone or lapto

Do you feel separation anxiety regarding your phone or laptop or whatever you use most?I can't sleep relaxed at night without my phone near me.

In addition to the feeling of separation anxiety, I think the most troubling thing for me is that when I am separated from my phone, computer, or even video game console, I feel an almost compulsive need to get back to them. I know it is unhealthy, but for me, technology in those situations preoccupies my thoughts to the exclusion of all else. It is having a damaging effect on my life, and I currently searching for ways to avoid using or cut down on my use of technology as much as reasonably possible. I have found that reading, interacting with people, and changing the filter color on my phone and computer to eliminate blue light help, although the urge to use technology still remains. I try my best to use it only when I need to. I am hopeful that this strategy will help me in the long run.

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@Jason1996 I can relate so much Jason.I feel a compulsive urge to use my phone too or laptop.I put the blue light filter on my phone and laptop as well.It’s a damn hard addiction to break because some people so not even realize they have a problem and also in todays world we need tochonology also for usefull stuff like work,school,keeping in touch with friends and more.I wil support you if you wanna drop me a message.I’m really happy that you answered to my post and that someone else can understand this also.