Do you remember your earliest incidents of OCD

I have had OCD as long as I can remember.I'm 56 now,over the years my OCD has manifested it's self in many forms.
When I think back too my earliest incidents.(I was maybe 9 or 10) I would tell myself if I could do certin things I would have good luck.Example.. If I can kick this rock and it rolls past that tree I'll have good luck.If I can jump over this box I'll have good luck.It wasen't till I got older that I began to feel something bad would happen if I didn't do certin things.I don't know when it changed.It seems like this might be significant. I was wondering if it was like this for anyone else. Thanks James

Yep. When I was eight, I started having the fear that I would kill my family if I had a knife at my place setting at dinner. I also remember thinking that if I didn't say "I'll see you in the morning" to my parents--and get a reply--before bedtime, they would die during the night. I still have a hard time not believing that one. And I'm in college now.

I remember being about 7 or 8 too. I lived with the fear of losing my dad as he had serious heart problems. And I was a daddys girl. I remember him having to have the ambulance out and being sent upstairs while they were dealing with him. I remember counting my books over and over telling myself if it was an even number it would all be ok. luckily there were 18. But I knew this. I counted them every night before I went to sleep. If I was staying somewhere else I would count them mentally and remember the order. But ever since I have had to have even numbers - radio volume, tv, petrol pump, house numbers etc.
I only remembered this a few years back. Made sense that that was why I do it, but I still can't stop myself!

I remember when i was 14 years old my first OCD moment .
We had a out side toilet and a inside toilet and i could never use the outside toilet . Due to contamination and spiders (got a real fear of those things) Our inside toilet broke and so we had to use the outside one I had to go and do little boys things and I sat there counting every nail in the back of the wooden door 24 nails always remember that . I spent 3 and a half hours routed to that toilet seat re counting those nails. I was really scared of that toilet . When my parents found out where I was after 3 and a half hours in that toilet I was treat like a wimp and some thing worthless. Never went back into that toilet .