Doctors Precriptions and the painful process of getting them

As much trouble as OCD causes us; why does it have to be so hard to get a doctor and obtain prescriptions. Anyone relate to this? I am out of scripts, in a new town, and life just seems to get worse and worse and worse. What really drives me nuts is that my old doctor cannot precribe me any medications across state borders. What's the big deal? It's not like anyone is going to be abusing luvox or other non-narcotic prescription medications. Has anyone dealt with this situation before?


Hi Marcus,

I certainly have, it's awful are we just supposed to manage on our own?? Coming off your meds when it's not time is an awful experience in every way. How are we to manage the awful feelings and agitation without our Medication. I seem to have it all organised at one point to be told these don't work for you. I'm still waiting for my GP to help with an appropriate new Medication for me to take. They are currently weaning me off Valium and my Anti-Depressants and I;am feeling pretty average at times my body is experiencing a lot of discomfort. It's awful that we can't do anything we just have to go through it ourselves and manage the best we can :(

I just get so inpatient with them I just want them to help me feel better.

Jai, I know all to well the patience problem. I hate having to wait. I just want to feel better. The whole coming off my meds is driving me nuts. My depression is getting worse and everything is hitting me all at once.