DOes anyone actually mean it when they say they are availabl

DOes anyone actually mean it when they say they are available to talk? I mean I do when I say it but I usually don't expect people to actually message me. But now I could really use a friend.

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I am always willing to listen:)

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I'm available to talk (and I mean it). What's going on?

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@ColaWars well when ever I wake up in the morning I get reminded just how much I failed in life and the hole that Im living in is a little bit deeper. The more and more I try to climb out of this shtuff the more and more my mind gets chipped away.

@crochetedlady sure I’m not really all that hopeful that anything will change seeing as Iv talked to so many people but it would be nice to see another’s perspective.

I am if u need to talk it's just hard to give advice when u are feeling down yourself I feel like I'm drowning and struggling to breath and every time I try to come up for air some body pulls me down again my head is a mine field just waiting to go off but I will be there to help u as much as I can we are all here because we need some kind of surport it's hard for people to give advice knowing the advice their giving they should be ttaking them self

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@messhead right But its still comforting and therapeutic to try and help someone even if you cant help yourself. the advice we give to each other opens our mind to what we can give to ourselves

@thehiddenfriend Well the first thing I did was get my *** up out of bed, and started putting one foot in front of the other and slowly made it through my day

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@ColaWars hmm not really my problem though lol.