Does anyone else become completely exhausted by triggers? We

Does anyone else become completely exhausted by triggers? We were having a good day and I felt fine....then a song (that I used to love) came on the radio. I was triggered, crying and now feel a total lack of energy with a headache. Is this a normal feeling for others?

It was for me. The out of no where trigger was always the worst for me. Because like you said you could be having a good time and then the trigger wrecks it. When I could see a trigger coming I could avoid it or mentally prepare for it. Just remember it does get better with time. Don't beat yourself up over this. Hang in there.

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@John99 thank you.

For me, I have to look at what is going on overall in my life. Usually it may be the larger picture which causes the added stress which results in me being highly susceptible and reactive to more minor occurrences.

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@andine makes sense. I am generally very stressed at the moment. But I’m proud of myself for not wollowing or getting angry at my husband so I guess that’s a win lol

Is your husband supportive? If not, that could compound your stress.

@andine good and bad days to be honest. I think it’s a massive adjustment for both of us so some days we’re better at it than others

Hope your situation improves. Best wishes.

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This is definitely part of my new normal. I was actually having a really good day today. Then my wife was looking at Facebook memories before we went to bed and reading posts out loud. One mentioned 'seeing an old friend'. I knew from the date and year that it was referring to AP. Even though the referenced encounter was years before the affair, it still triggered me and messed up what had been a good day. I was so stressed from the triggering that I yelled at my kids over nothing. Yay.

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@kevin79 I’m sorry you had that experience. I said to my husband that I’m annoyed that things I loved now upset me. He apologised but it’s so hard

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