Does anyone else get angry at the thought that pharmaceutica

Does anyone else get angry at the thought that pharmaceutical companies thrive off managing the disease instead of curing it? What about the ones of us who have been raped, the ones who have been lied to and cheated. Nope, they have no empathy for the wellbeing of a person as long as it is a diseased that can be managed and we have to keeping going back and buying medication. They are making money off us being sick.

Yes f'n furious. The worst part is they do it with things like HIV too. The drug cocktail brings in more money than the cure. At least our virus won't kill us. But yea pharmaceutical companies are the ugly side of medicine. All money driven, no actual compassion for people. Most doctors hate them. I'm premed and most of my teachers used to practice and they all think pharmaceutical companies are disgusting and exploiting the ill

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@Lonelyandconfused08 thank you for understanding. It’s nice to log in here and people feel the same way I do.

Hi, frustration is a normal part of the process when a diagnosis is given to a person. They want to be rid of the virus that afflicts them, & they want it now. There is huge advances going on as we speak, anti-viral drugs are one of the fastest growing & that is good news for all concerned & I so hope that a cure comes for all afflicted, but,( & I know you probably don't want to hear this) patience & going with currents treatments & advice is all that you can do. There is now a cure for the hepc virus where not that long ago it was only treatable with drugs with horrific side effects & was only 50%succesful. I know that pharmcedical companies cash in, they are cold & they are heartless but one day soon, they may have a cure for your virus, & then you wont care what they are, you will get your cure & you will be like me, thankful.

Are companies working on a vaccine at the moment so it's not like it's being swept under the carpet and the fact of the matter is that it's not a terminal disease so it's not a priority and I get how it makes people feel. Generally after the first year or so most people have enough antibodies to not even need antivirals. You need to stop being angry about having it and just focus on moving forward because you can't change what happened and you need to deal with it as best as you possibly can