Does anyone else have a problem when you stop a few days of

Does anyone else have a problem when you stop a few days of pulling and it starts up again because they are long ? Every week I can go 3 days with out pulling out my hair and the 4th day I pull out all my hard work :/

Where do you pull from, would shaving be an option?

I pull everywhere pretty much so shaving wouldn't be an option :/

@SassyQueen yes me too, how long have you been pulling?

yes I feel the exact same thing, every time I stop for a little while, I pull my hair really hard when I go back to it

I take 200mg of Zoloft which helps me not be in fight or flight mood 24:7 but doesn't help to much with the pulling.

16 years

@SassyQueen why don’t we support each other, so that we can private message?

im new to this, how do I do that haha

SassyQueen. I think you are taking the right steps by writing it down and trying the hair brush tactic. First step is always recognition of the behavior you want to stop. Good for you. Have you ever tried Meditation? It is very calming and can redirect you if you are going in a direction of pulling. Good Luck.

I can stop for weeks. My struggle is my eyelashes. They are so
beautiful and I get super depressed when I pull them out.