Does anyone else have agraphobia and social anxiety or a h

Does anyone else have agraphobia and social anxiety or a husband who makes you worst by lying and decieving you ,im stuck as i only have him to rely on

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hugs to you! What small manageable steps could you take to increase your external support? What have you tried so far to help with your anxiety? I am glad you are here with us! We are here for you.

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I have agoraphobia with panic and anxiety attacks, and severe depression. My boyfriend I have been with is my safe person, as your husband is to you. But we both feel we cant handle things or make it without them. I have been put in a position to where he knows I need him (or so I make myself think) so he does pretty much what he wants and treats me in any type of way cause he knows I wont do nothing cause I need him. I put up with a lot of physical, mental, verbal abuse and intimidation. Boy, is he good at it. We have done counseling (together and individual), hes an alcoholic, and hes been to rehab many times to save our relationship and anger management and jail. Nothing has worked. I don't know if your relationship has made it to the point as mine, but if not; I would get out and use close friends and family as your support people as you work through this. He will damage you more as I was, and give you a lot more issues to have to deal with. Just my opinion only.

Hi .thank you for your comments,i am interested to know more if thats ok.
I have pressed to support you if you do the same then we can talk more.
Its sounds like you know exactly what going on in my world ,and would realy like to listen to somone whos been through this as is tearing me down more and more.
Are you still with your partner?