Does anyone else have mind racing thoughts? One moment I'll

Does anyone else have mind racing thoughts? One moment I'll be fine and the next I'll remember or think of something and I'm crying. My mind races all these thoughts through my head like a video being played over and over again. Some of the things I cry about are legit reasons for feeling this way and others are just stupid things like only one person showing up for my baby shower several years ago. I feel like a fool letting the little things bother me but I don't know how to turn it off. At least with the bigger things I know I'm not acting foolish for crying.

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I have experienced what you've gone through. Once after being pressurised by my controlling and emotionally abusive mother many times to find a boyfriend. When I refused her many times, she told me that people will think that I'm an outcast. One day, I keept remembering what my mother said about being single will make me an outcast. I kept thinking to myself," What if my mother is right? What if I'm an outcast?....." After getting the help I need, I still don't want to get married but this time, I'm confident in my choice cause I don't like to kiss and have sex

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Those kinds of thoughts and worries sound pretty common in anxiety and depression. Probably anything supportive or soothing would help- music, a walk outside, working out, meditating. There are types of therapy that might be very helpful and you could learn more about feeling grounded when unpleasant thoughts start taking over.

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I would try mindfulness. Don't try to answer or think about the thoughts, just watch them pass. Try think it about the good things of your life not the depression, gratitude.

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@chaoticlife but what if the thoughts are important for your character development?

I would feel bad too if only one person showed up for my baby shower. Maybe most of your reasons for crying are legit. How are things going in your life now?

@Littleturtle1000, yesterday and today have been good days. 2 days in a row is a start and hoping tomorrow will make 3. Thank you for asking.

It's not just only one person showing up for my baby shower. That was just one of the many little things. There are many little things like that but with the bigger things the little things are kind of like that last button being pushed that send me over the edge and try as I might I can't get them out of my head. Sometimes I'll sit and crochet or I might even go outside and mow the lawn until the thoughts pass. Sometimes I just retreat to my room until I fall asleep if I'm able. I'm on Zoloft daily for depression and Xanax as needed for anxiety. When I do need the Xanax however one pill isn't enough and sometimes I take 2 or 3. Because of that I try not to take the Xanax unless my thoughts are keeping me from getting needed sleep. I love my husband and many things I do talk to him about but not everything as some of the thoughts going through my mind are wondering if I should just end it all (but I'm too scared to actually do anything). I'm partly afraid that if I told him about some of my thoughts that he would have me put in a mental hospital as he has told me before that if he ever thought I truly need it he would for my own safety and because he loves me. I have already been in one mental ward before as a minor ordered by a juvenile judge and hate the thought of having to ever go back. A few nights ago I finally had to admit to myself that I needed some sort of support group which is why I am on here. As I get more comfortable talking about stuff from my past I will go more into detail but for now I'm just happy to have found this group and that I'm not alone in feeling the way I do.

@Eeyore26 I understand racing thoughts, anxiety, depression and other wonderful things. I’m assuming you have a diagnoses since you are taking Zoloft so whatever your diagnoses is it’s helpful to keep educating yourself on it. We always need more people here all of us need support. I hope to keep seeing you around:)

That describes me most days. I have flashes during work, driving to work, driving from work, at the gym. IT's all there, all the time and sometimes it forces its way though. I'm used to it so it's like, "oh, here are those thought. Okay, back to the task at hand" and so on.

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@stephanie123 I would say the bothersome thoughts. But still keep busy to keep those thoughts away. Any thoughts that are true are okay.

@chaoticlife ok I see

Dealing with anxiety & panic attacks for the last 13 years I definitely understand what you mean by the racing thoughts. A lot of it is intrusive thoughts, that once in your mind you only focus on that thought and it becomes your new reality in a sense. The best thing you can do is stay grounded in reality, don't get stuck in your own head (as impossible as that may seem). Try the 5,4,3,2,1 coping technique, it helps me stay grounded and get's those racing thoughts out of my head:

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Welcome to the SG Depression group. I am sorry for what you are going through. All throughout my lifetime I have experienced racing thoughts. Thank you for sharing with us. Please feel free to share with us. This is a safe place where you will not be judged. We are here to listen and support each other when we can. We are looking forward to getting to know you.

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3rd good day in a row. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the support. I'm sorry others of you have the racing thoughts but glad it's not just me.

@Eeyore26 good to know you’re happy. For me it’s: good days - 15 to 20 min of recurring intrusive memories of abuse per day - recurring nightmares(once per two weeks)

My racing thoughts seem to happen more at night when I am really exhausted for some reason. It is very difficult to have so many things run through your brain and when the negative things start popping in well that makes matter five times worse. I have found that my emotional state follows my thought pattern if I think up I am happy and well when I think down well you can guess. Talking to a counselor might help you sort through all the thoughts and see where they are coming from and hopefully give you some relief. I am praying for you and thanks for opening up. -Rachel