Does anyone else on this page have a parent who had breast c

Does anyone else on this page have a parent who had breast cancer? I am 18 years old and recently found a lump on my breast. I know that it probably isn't cancer; however, the fact that my mom had breast cancer when I was only 15 scares me. I feel like my worry is increased because I was my moms primary caretaker. I guess anything having to do with this scares me.

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Have you made an appointment yet to get screened, and have that checked out? I think when there is a family connection it is more important that anything to say vigilant, even if it is for our peace of mind. Please please keep us updated!

I have an appointment. I know most people would say I am over reacting. However, there is something about my mom being a survivor that makes me realize how serious this all is.

@proudmilitarysister How did this turn out for you? I also had a mom with BC. I lost her, she was 61. That was awhile ago & now I fear I need to go get tested but am SO scared to do it. I don’t trust chemo or radiation to cure me. My son (as a child) also had pediatric cancer. Everyone I know, has either had it themselves or a family member. Sick of them ignoring this disease. I don’t trust that Drs ( who seem to just be in it for $) really have MY best health in their interest. I think Cancer is BIG BUSINESS. I don’t know what to do- I don’t know how to spiritually trust God that this will be ok!!