Does anyone ever feel like they don't know what is actually

Does anyone ever feel like they don't know what is actually real? I feel like that a lot, and I know it is partly because of my schizoaffective and my paranoia, but sometimes I wonder if I even have a mental illness or not. Maybe I made it all up and it has taken over my life. Who am I? I don't even know anymore. Anyone else feel this way?

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Some times I feel like I'm beside myself. Disillusioned. Confused

@Blakeh How do you deal with that? I feel like my whole world is a lie and that maybe even the people I am close to are part of the cover-up. Like when they tell me to take my meds I wonder if it is the meds that make me crazy even though I know its the opposite.

Have you ever heard of this dbt group therapy?
I found this changed my life when I feel " not right". I watch a movie. If u have utube I found a lot of information about borderline personality disorder
I suggest a video. " Think and grow Rich ". When I had an outburst in the guidance counselor gave me this book
It's a long video. It talks about how the brain and emotions are an asset once you conquer YOUR SELF. I'm over 2 year s sober. I get to many meetings. Aa. al anon. If and I'm sure you have people who have no clue about us and emotions are some time consuming us up. There is a great book. Walking on eggshells. First thing I take an ensure an take my meds right away.

@Blakeh I am currently in a DBT program. They are in hiatus in order to re-vamp the group. I find it helps sometimes but more often it just irritates me. I am hoping that some changes will help with this. I will look up the video you suggested, it sounds interesting. I am glad to hear you are doing well that is great!!

Writing in a diary helps me get some of my repeated thoughts diminish. It seems like a constant merry go round. I have a few places that I feel safe and secure. I retreat to my bedroom or basement and listen to music and watching the TV movies and reading.

Don't get too
Or tired
The serinty prayer
God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
And the wisdom to know the difference

I use this lot's.

And the courage to change

I have the feeling I'm making it all up ad well maybe I'm not even depressed or have any of my other mental problems . Maybe this is all a dream maybe I never even existed. I think it's mostly cause my parents tell me that it's not real and my schizophrenia. I've always been a curious person so I always think like this.

Gets me through anything
If I didn't cause it I can't cure it
And validation of your self. Is important. We have a tendency to undervalue ourselves and throw some important thing s away.
U r important !!!!!

Have a good night
I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care of yourself

I constantly worry about the same thing