Does anyone ever have HOCD that don't feel like OCD? Like I

Does anyone ever have HOCD that don't feel like OCD? Like I feel as if I find girls attractive now and it's almost by default as opposed to an OCD thought. It's not until I notice the thought that I overthink it

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Yup! It's automatic for me to look at girls and I feel gay for doing so.

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Yes me too!

I never noticed men or anything associated with gay real now I can't watch anything to do or associate with gay thing I can't even really watch telly I'm scared I'm gonna get aroused or see gay things on there

You probably are gay then

@Holla2312 what the f?

All of you all I see is OCD OCD OCD OCD it's annoying you are not making it better REASSURANCE WILL MAKE YOU WORSE ACCEPT UNCERTAINTY if you don't like what I'm saying then by do you keep say your feeling like it just grow up I probably had it the worst I didn't go work for weeks or eat but I cut out all the compulsions and guess what happend I didn't obesess about it what's the point of you saying your gay and then someone saying your not for you to wright it the next day it's annoying if you were gay you wouldn't question y in your head it would feel normality to you just please fight the OCD because what you're all doing is making it worse for yourself REASSURANCE DOESNT CURE OCD

@Holla2312 dude lol you’re not helping with anything I get your point but you don’t know who has had it worse. Do us all a favor and just stop your advice is making everyone spike because first off it’s not even correct